Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation: $297

Be Social—Get NoticedIs your social media presence up to date? Are you using the right images in the right places? Will your intended audience get the message you want to convey?

Ausoma's Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation will let you answer "yes" to those questions and more.

Whether you manage your own social media presence or hire Ausoma to do it for you, start with a good spring cleaning. Fill out the initial questionnaire (it takes about 15 minutes) and your audit will be ready in just a few days.

Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation

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The package includes

  • A brief but comprehensive questionnaire to identify your existing social media presence's strengths and weaknesses
  • A thorough audit of your website, social media networks, and other marketing collateral
  • A phone call (up to one hour) to discuss specific strategies
  • A detailed follow-up report with tips and suggestions to enhance your SEO for social media marketing purposes and additional social media marketing tips specific to your needs
  • Purchase our Pro or Dream social media package or any Launch package within 30 days and receive a credit of the full $297 toward that package—get the audit free!

Get professional advice to ensure your social media presence is strong. Contact us today to schedule your Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation for $297.

Audit includes:

  • Detailed review of each of your social media networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and any other social networks you use. Our review includes, but is not limited to:
    • images used
    • bio/descriptions
    • how often messages are posted
  • Detailed review of your website and blog.
  • Providing specific recommendations to ensure your networks are optimized.
  • Providing specific messages for use on your social networks.

Individual Platform Audits

Prefer an audit for a single tool? We also provide our Peace of Mind Social Media Audit for Facebook, Twitter, your blog, LinkedIn, or Instagram à la carte. Each audit is $97 and includes everything in the full audit except the phone call, and covers only the platform you choose.

Please note that auditing three platforms will cost almost as much as the full audit, but won't include the consulting phone call. Choose wisely.










Be Social—Get Noticed

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Does It Work?

Barbara McNichol“Sue set up a comprehensive SM plan for me and my VA to follow. Especially helpful was the process for managing social media accounts specific to my situation spelled out in her 6-page plan. After two months, we exceeded our goals for attracting followers to my sites. This plan helped demystify the SM world for me. Many thanks, Sue.” — Barbara McNichol, Barbara McNichol Editorial


"I wanted to learn about social media marketing, but it was all so overwhelming I wasn’t sure what to ask or where to start. Sue offered me a comprehensive consultation to discuss the needs and strategies that would work for me.

Sue’s follow-up report had so many good suggestions that I knew would help my business grow, so I hired her to help me. The consultation was thorough and had enough information that I could have created new social media habits myself, but I preferred that Sue take over the planning and posting for me.

For several months, I have been enjoying the relief of knowing that my social media accounts are always current. I have also seen an increase in my website traffic. — Linda Joy Myers, Founder of National Association of Memoir Writers