Dear Former Newsletter Subscriber

Social media is not about making the most connections, it's about making the right connections.

Dear Former Newsletter Subscriber:

Thank you for unsubscribing from my newsletter. I hope the process was clear and simple.

Don’t take this wrong, but I’m glad you left. Here’s why:

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Personal: Trust Trumps All

Our last post was about making sure your newsletter is relevant, and before that, the effect of ensuring it's anticipated. The final post in this short series is about how being personal trumps them both.

When a stranger interrupts, it's offensive, annoying.

When a close friend interrupts, it's probably just conversation. We do it all the time. Sure, in some settings we're careful to be more formal, to listen politely until the other person is done speaking, to use active listening and all those cool techniques for really connecting.

But if you and I are chatting about music and you start raving about Eric Clapton and I butt in with "Clapton has gotten boring; have you heard Steve Winwood play guitar lately?" that's just conversation — friends talk over each other and interrupt and generally treat conversation like a rugby scrum.

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If It Is Relevant They Will Read

Our last post was about making sure your newsletter is anticipated. Today: what happens when it's relevant.

If your favorite show is interrupted so Bob can yell at you about his low low life-insurance prices, you'll resent it. (Maybe you'll just numbly endure, but we'll call that "resentment" for now.)

If your favorite show is interrupted so the National Weather Service can alert you to a life-threatening situation hovering over your rooftop, you won't resent it, you'll appreciate it.
It wasn't personal.

It wasn't anticipated.

When the level of relevance reaches 100% personal and anticipated can drop to zero and the message will still be appreciated.

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Personal, Anticipated, and Relevant: Keep Your Email List Up to PAR

If you were to ask us why you get Ausoma's newsletter, we could tell you that there are only two possible ways: you signed up for it yourself at the website, or you asked to be on the list.

We didn't add you just because we wanted to.

We didn't get your business card at a mixer, and add you to our list without telling you.

We didn't sell you a book, and add you to our list without telling you.

We didn't connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or Bob's Social Media and Lawnmower Repair, and add you to our list without telling you.

Your email newsletter is your most valuable marketing asset. Well, it's how you access your most valuable marketing asset.

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Music and the Rose

Today I thought I'd share a bit about me personally. I feel it's very important to find out something personal about our prospects and clients and thought you'd enjoy learning something personal about me. Now I'm not advocating we get nosy with prospects and clients. But knowing a bit about what they enjoy doing, reading, the type of music they enjoy listening to, or hobbies they enjoy, can help you develop a meaningful relationship. And relationships is what business is really all about. So here's something about me and my husband Joel.

My favorite flower is a rose. When I was very young my favorite books were the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She named her daughter Rose and that's one reason why I like roses. In our yard we had a huge rose bush with white flowers. My favorite color rose is actually more yellow - not bright yellow but a very pale yellow. I like roses so much that our six-year old's second middle name (yes, she has two middle names) is Rose.

My husband's favorite thing, after me, is music. He loves music! He's dedicated a whole website to music. Joel is constantly listening to music - at his desk with his headphones on, in the car listening to CDs, while taking a walk and yes, even all night long. We have our MP3 hooked up to the stereo so we never run out of our favorite music to listen to each night.

So now that you know something about us, we'd love to hear something about what you love!