Dear Former Newsletter Subscriber

Social media is not about making the most connections, it's about making the right connections.

Dear Former Newsletter Subscriber:

Thank you for unsubscribing from my newsletter. I hope the process was clear and simple.

Don’t take this wrong, but I’m glad you left. Here’s why:

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Newsletter, Ezines and US Federal Requirements

Marketing your Virtual Assistant services with a newsletter, or ezine, is an excellent way to provide valuable information to prospects and clients. However, there are some US Federal requirements to keep in mind. These requirements are a:

  • Real, clearly identified Sender address
  • Real, working Reply To address
  • Real, working Unsubscribe link
  • Clearly identified physical address

In addition, there are two vital factors in getting your ezine opened:

  1. The From line - Use a consistent, recognizable name and a real email address (this is the law). You can also use a permission reminder (such as: You are receiving this email newsletter because you subscribed on our website or signed up in some other manner).
  2. The Subject line - This needs to be something that will catch their interest and be relevant. Don't: Your VA Newsletter; Do: 5 Simple Steps to Creating a Twitter Account.