3 Ways to Expand Your Twitter Network

Twitter is still a major part of my social media marketing efforts. More traffic comes to my client’s websites from Twitter than anywhere else. It’s a great place to engage with others, start conversations, and have your content shared by your connections.

How can you expand your Twitter network so you have more connections to engage with and share your content?

  1. Mentions. Using the @ symbol to tag someone else and talk about what they are doing. When you share your connections’ valuable and relevant content, they will reciprocate. Their followers see that you have valuable content and may follow you.
  2. Hashtags. Use hashtags to find profiles interested in the same topics you are interested in. This is particularly helpful if you’re attending an online event where everyone is using the same hashtag to tweet about the event. As an example, each time the Nonfiction Writers Conference has an online conference, they use the hashtag #NFWC. Find other people using the same hashtag and connect with them.
  3. Lists. Create Twitter lists. Lists are great tools for finding content to share within a certain topic, and to find other people interested in the same topic. When I’m notified that I’ve been added to someone else’s list, I then see who else is on that list and follow them as appropriate.

These are just 3 simple ways to start expanding your Twitter network. What other ways have you found useful?

2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Expand Your Twitter Network

  1. I share interesting content my clients have tweeted about. Sometimes that’s their blog post, sometimes a meme, and sometimes it’s a retweet of something they’ve retweeted. I always check the original tweeter’s profile and tweets when I do that and have ended up making new connections that way, too.

  2. Those are great ideas Candace and I try to do that as well. As you say, you can end up making new connections who also reciprocate and become your followers and retweet your posts.

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