5 Ways to Promote Your Book Release [Infographic]

5 ways to promote book release infographic
For a larger, printable version of this infographic, just click the image.
  • Social media headers. Change your social media headers, like those on Twitter and your Facebook page, to show your book cover and release date. If it’s available for pre-order, include that information. You can easily create social media headers using Canva.com.
  • Book trailers. Create a short video about your book as a book trailer and share on social media. As an example of a book trailer for a nonfiction book, here’s one we created for a client
  • Have a fun Q & A event on your Facebook page. Announce the event on social media and then do a live video where you can answer questions about the book.
  • Bookmarks and other swag. These are especially fun for a book launch party. Get creative. You can get posters and postcards printed up too.
  • Book excerpts. Be sure to share short book excerpts on social media to pique your potential reader’s interest in buying your book.

Remember, for a successful book release you need to start your book promotion even before the book is available for purchase. What are you waiting for? If you’d like to discuss strategies for your book release with a book marketing expert, book a consultation with me.

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