Are You Prepared for Your Interview?

Another in a series of interview tips for authors.

If your interview is on an established show, listen to previous interviews your host has recorded. This will give you a feel of how they ask questions and what they expect of their guests. You can usually provide a list of questions and answers, or talking points, to your host.

Prepare and rehearse answers ahead of time. Be flexible. If it seems you need to fill more time, be prepared to slow your pace and have additional information. On the other hand, you may run out of time. Don’t hurry your pace. Instead, plan the interview so the most important questions are asked and answered first.

Let the host know you’re happy to provide more information via email to anyone who has additional questions.

The Series

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June: Your Interview Voice
July: Dos and Don’ts in an Interview
August: Best Practices When You Are Interviewed
September: Handling Negative Comments in an Interview
October: Wrapping Up Your Interview
November: Review After Your Interview
December: Enjoy Your Interview

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