Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation: $400

Is your social media presence up to date? Are you using the right images in the right places? Will your intended audience get the message you want to convey?

Ausoma’s Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation will let you answer “yes” to those questions and more.

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Whether you manage your own social media presence or hire Ausoma to do it for you, start with a good spring cleaning. Fill out the initial questionnaire (it takes about 15 minutes) and your audit will be ready in just a few days.

Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation

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Listen as Joel interviews Sue about the audit process and report. This 15-minute audio is an excellent overview. (Transcript below.)

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The package includes

  • A brief but comprehensive questionnaire to identify your existing social media presence’s strengths and weaknesses
  • A thorough audit using our audit checklist and process of your website, all social media networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Goodreads, and Pinterest, your Amazon author page, and any other marketing collateral you provide
  • A phone call (up to one hour) to discuss specific strategies
  • A detailed 15-to-20-page follow-up report with tips and suggestions to enhance your SEO for social media marketing purposes, specific social media messages tailored to your audience, and additional social media marketing tips specific to your needs
  • Purchase our Pro or Dream social media package or any Launch package within 30 days and receive a credit of $300 toward that package—get the audit for 75% off!

The Peace of Mind Social Media Audit is Step 1 of our Getting to Know You introductory offer.

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Get professional advice to ensure your social media presence is strong. Contact us today to schedule your Peace of Mind Social Media Audit and Consultation for $400.

Audit includes:

  • Detailed review of each of your social media networks: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest; your Amazon author page, website, and any other social networks you use. Our review includes, but is not limited to:
    • images used
    • bio/descriptions
    • hashtags used
    • how often messages are posted
  • Detailed review of your website and blog.
  • Providing specific recommendations to ensure your networks are optimized.
  • Providing specific messages for use on your social networks.

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“I enjoyed our meet and greet today so very much! I already feel such a huge relief to have you and your fantastic team as part of my team for getting this book launched successfully and helping me to create my brand! Thank you for our consultation this morning! I am so excited for our collaboration to begin soon! I know I am in your expert hands now!”—Deborah Olson

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“Whether you’ve been on LinkedIn for years (like me) or whether you have thousands of LinkedIn connections (like me), finding out if you are maximizing and utilizing the platform to the fullest is a must! And Sue is absolutely the right person to help you determine such. Between the detailed discovery questionnaire Sue provided (which made me really think about my needs and purpose for being on the platform), her audit of my LinkedIn account and activities, and her professional advice and recommendations, within two weeks after implementing and executing her suggestions, I was able to breathe new life into my LinkedIn platform. I now have the confidence, peace of mind, and proof that not only are my needs being met on the LinkedIn platform, but more importantly, I’m meeting the needs of others. I highly recommend having your account graded by this LinkedIn expert.” — Joylynn M. Ross, CEO of Path To Publishing, Las Vegas, Nevada

“I am extremely pleased with Sue’s services. The report/document she produced for me was detailed and very comprehensive.

Speaking with her on the telephone was like talking to a friend. She is down-to-earth and extremely knowledgeable in her field.

I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone who wants a better understanding of how to maximize social media for their business. Thank you again, Sue.”—Jeanne Miller Rodriguez, Owner and CEO at Pennico Press Publishing | Author of Ready, Set, Work!, Ready, Set, Supervise!, and Ready, Set, Lead!

“I was struggling to understand how to make social media work as a tool to sell my books and was delighted to find that she specialised in helping non-fiction authors navigate the field.

I was her first New Zealand client and it added an extra dimension for us both to be Skyping across all those miles. I found Sue very switched on and she was easy to talk to, so we were quickly on the same wave length.

She did an audit report of my current social media presence, as a result of which I am signing an agreement to contract her to provide services in setting up and improving my social media presence across multiple platforms, getting the ‘follower/following’ process underway and training me so I will be able to continue on my own after a month or so. Sue has taken the hassle and anguish out of my social media experience.”—Jenny Robin Jones, Author

Barbara McNichol“Sue set up a comprehensive social media plan for me and my VA to follow. Especially helpful was the process for managing social media accounts specific to my situation spelled out in her 6-page plan.

After two months, we exceeded our goals for attracting followers to my sites. This plan helped demystify the SM world for me. Many thanks, Sue.”—Barbara McNichol, Barbara McNichol Editorial

“I wanted to learn about social media marketing, but it was all so overwhelming I wasn’t sure what to ask or where to start. Sue offered me a comprehensive consultation to discuss the needs and strategies that would work for me.

Sue’s follow-up report had so many good suggestions that I knew would help my business grow, so I hired her to help me. The consultation was thorough and had enough information that I could have created new social media habits myself, but I preferred that Sue take over the planning and posting for me.

For several months, I have been enjoying the relief of knowing that my social media accounts are always current. I have also seen an increase in my website traffic.—Linda Joy Myers, Founder of National Association of Memoir Writers


Hi there. This is Joel D Canfield.

And this is Sue Canfield.

And we are Ausoma.

Author’s social media marketing.

We’re here today to talk a little bit about our social media audit and consultation. It’s a service Sue came up with to review and audit your social media presence, everything you do online, to make sure that everything is set up the way it should be and to give you some tips and processes to make the best use of social media. So did I get that right? What’s the real purpose of this audit? What does it do for the folks who hire you to do it?

You did get it right and I really suggest that everyone audit all their social media accounts annually to make sure that they are up to date, that they have the information needed for what you’re doing at this time that you using your current bio, head shot, images, so that’s the purpose of this and it gives them a complete audit with all kinds of information for them to use.

You’re suggesting a complete audit annually, not just one and done.

Yes I actually do, and I myself need to implement that a little bit better on my own accounts.

So why does it need to be re-done?

For authors in particular if they’re writing a new book they want to include their new book information. Let’s say they have a book that came out this year but their Twitter account or a Facebook account only has their first book from a year or two ago, they would like to have their bio updated and the images of those new books included in the banners they’re using on social media. That would be one reason.

I imagine social media platforms themselves change.

This is true. You can log into Facebook one day, or LinkedIn, and find out that they have, overnight, changed the size of the image that you need to be ideal and so you would need to go and change your image to fit if you want to look right, particularly on mobile devices. That changes quite often.

So a full audit annually, but it’s probably a good idea for us all to be logging into our social media platforms ourselves even if we’ve got someone else managing it for us just to make sure that everything always looks right.


Before we go any further if someone is ready for the audit they can just go to under “Services” to the social media audit and they can pay for it and get started right away right.

That’s right. As soon as they click on that button and pay for it I send an email with the questionnaire so that they can fill that out. It helps me to gather some information about what their purpose is in using social media, links to all of their current social media accounts, and then I can get started.

What does the questionnaire cover? What’s the best place to start talking about how the process actually works?

The questionnaire covers a few things. Obviously, links to all their sites that they want audited so that I can go and look at those, and then it addresses a few questions such as who their target audience is, who they might have as influencers in their industry, what their main objectives are using social media, some things that will help me so that as I’m reviewing their accounts I can see are those all in line with what they’re currently doing or do they need to adjust.

Can they get your help filling out the questionnaire?

Sure, if they have questions and need some information from me I am happy to give that to them.

How long does the questionnaire take to fill out?

It shouldn’t really take more than about fifteen minutes.

So it’s a quick process.

It is fairly quick. Then once I have that, then I go to each of their online accounts including their website and blog, whether they use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Goodreads, Instagram, Pinterest, and even if they have an Amazon author page if they send me a link to that I will review that as well. If they use other social media accounts that I didn’t just list and they include those I look at all of those. I have a process and a checklist that I go through myself to look at each and every one of those things and then I put together my initial report based on what I found.

Let’s back up a second because I want to clarify something. This isn’t some pre-defined list of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. This is their entire online social media presence.

That is correct. Sometimes people only have one or two things. Perhaps they’re only on Twitter and have a website. Others have all of these and more. I recently did an audit for a person who also wrote articles on another site and just wanted me to take a quick look at that and so I did that as well.

So it’s a complete package. There’s not something that’s gonna get missed. That’s impressive.

Why thank you.

I hadn’t realized it was that all-inclusive. We need to talk more about how this business works.

That’s what we’re doing right now.

So you get the form with links and access that you need to all of their social media and then you mentioned a checklist. What what kinds of things do you look at? How does it checklist work?

Do you want me to go through all of the information now?

I think that rather than going through the checklist verbally you can give us some highlights and we’ll make this checklist available along with this audio so that people can read it for themselves because I certainly won’t remember it all.

So the standard audit that I go through currently stands at twenty-three pages.


It could be more or less depending on what each person needs. If they only have Twitter and a website then obviously it’s going to be shorter. If they have all of those places online then the report is going to be longer. I go through and review things such as on their website are they blogging, does it seem like there’s good SEO, are they using images, do they have links to all their social media sites on their website? Then for each social media platform I have checklist of ‘are these things in place?’ For example:

  • Do they have a professional looking head shot and banner for each of those?
  • Is their bio up to date?
  • Does it include key words and hash tags relevant to their topic?
  • Are the posting messages on a regular basis that include hash tags?
  • Are the sharing relevant links to other people’s information?

Those are the kinds of things that I’m looking at overall for each of those platforms.

So you’re not just looking at how things are set up. The audit even includes looking at how they are currently using social media.



And then I will make suggestions based on that. “I see you don’t use any hash tags at all. Consider using these.” I will provide them with some suggested hashtags based on what I have seen.

So this is practically a social media course. This is training.

It is.

That’s marvelous.

The audit is actually designed so when they get the final audit back they can take that, walk away, implement everything themselves, and they’re set to go. Most of them come back and say “Wow, this is a lot of information. I want help implementing it” and then they hire me to do that. But it is designed for them to walk away and say here’s all the suggestions, here’s all the checklists, here’s the process that we use to manage social media, here’s tips on how to use key words, how to post, when the post, the types of things to post.

So a person could come to Ausoma and for $400 they can get a complete audit of their entire online presence plus a complete written report about what needs doing and how they can use social media properly, a complete course on getting it all up to speed and then using it in the future, essentially everything they need to know about social media, for $400.

Yes. And it includes a tips and strategies section that includes effective social networking tips, content for your blog, best practices there, how to write great blog posts, how to generate blog content ideas. I gather all their links and include them in that report for easy reference. And, after they get that initial report, then we have a one hour phone conversation where I review with them my findings, and always in that phone conversation they’ve come up with additional thoughts or questions that I make note of in the report so that after our phone conversation I actually send them an updated final report that includes those notes. Almost invariably they come up with “Wow, I didn’t know my website still said that about me; I need to go change that” or “Did I really only tweet three times last month?” so they not only get the initial report but after an hour on the phone with me then they get an updated report with this additional things that came up during that phone call.

An hour on the phone is worth almost the price of the audit. I charge $250 an hour for anything I do. It would cost $250 just to talk to me on the phone for an hour.

That’s why I never call you.

Well we do just sit right next to each other. Though you do email me an awful lot.


Wait, that’s me emailing you. Anyway, after the phone conversation, I know you go through the audit and explain things, and as you said, anything that comes up then you make notes of it. They get an updated audit report. Where things go from there?

One of two things. I’ve had clients that then take that and they go off and they do their own thing. Once in awhile somebody will want a little additional help without actually hiring me for a full package and so I do offer consultations, 15-minute, 30-minute, 60-minute phone consultations where they can purchase some of my time to answer additional questions or give them additional training. Often though what happens is that they come back and want to then hire us to do a monthly package. If they hire us to do our Pro Package or our Dream Package than the initial payment that they made for the consultation is credited towards the set up of either of those package.

If they get either one of those packages, the Pro or the Dream, the audit was free.


And also because this is our marketing philosophy, when they pay for the audit they’re getting the audit. What they’re not getting is the audit plus a hard sell pitch to buy something more. “You’ve got to get the Dream Package. You’ll never succeed if you’re not giving us more money.” I know that you’ve mentioned some of the things that people have said about how there’s just no pitch at all, there’s no selling. That really matters to me that we have that reputation, that if people pay for the audit they just get the audit and they’re not going to get hammered to buy something more. If they need more they come back.

Right and that’s one of the concluding sections of the audit is the next steps. It starts with “This is all you need. Go away and do it. Or if you want to hire us let’s talk about what fits your needs and your budget” but it is specifically designed and says it over and over again for them to take and be able to implement all of that information for themselves.

So you mentioned ‘fits their needs and budget’ can we customize things?

Yeah every single one my packages can be customized or we can do something completely custom for any one person. Sometimes in the Pro Package someone will come and say “I don’t need this from that but I do need that from your Dream Package” so we talk about what their needs are and then figure out what can I do and what we charge for that and we usually come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Even though we went to a lot of effort to come up with packages that make sense to us as marketing professionals we can customize anything so that it suits people. Does the audit sometimes give you information that points you toward what they really need, a customization to one of the packages if that’s what they’re interested in?

Oh, absolutely. And if they do decide to hire us this is the foundation document I use then to start the process to make sure that I am implementing everything I suggested to them in the audit.

The fact that we roll the cost of the audit into any package they buy is really not a loss to Ausoma because we get so much benefit towards the setup process that taking it out of the setup cost is really a wash. It works out well for them, works out well for us.

Yes. Absolutely. And even though we primarily market to nonfiction authors we have worked with fiction authors using the same exact process, and we’ve worked with small business people, solopreneurs, mostly who just need a social media presence for their business and they aren’t even an author, so this consultation and audit can work for anyone. They don’t have to be a nonfiction author.

Although I certainly think every business person should write a book. But we’ll have that conversation another time. So essentially anybody that has a social media presence could use the audit.


So that’s Ausoma’s social media audit and consultation. For $400 you get a 15 to 25 page report that will essentially enable you to go off and manage all your social media yourself, including a one hour phone call training session to understand the document and to know exactly what to do. Is that a great deal of what?

I think is.

Okay. Well it’s been very nice chatting with all of you folks and I always love chatting with you, Sue.

Yes I like chatting with you too.

Good. Let’s get together and do this again real soon.

Okie doke. Bye!