Audit Your Social Media Accounts

Audit Your Social Media AccountsYou want to be sure your social media accounts are updated so they always have your current information. Now is a good time before the start of the new year to audit your social media properties.

  • Have you created Twitter lists? I like to create lists and then retweet relevant content from these lists.
  • What are you current Facebook engagement rates? Knowing your Facebook Insights for  your business page will help you determine what strategies are working best for you.
  • Are you using LinkedIn’s Publishing feature to post articles that link back to your website?
  • Are you using a Pinterest Business account effectively?
  • What hashtags are you using on Instagram?
  • What images have you created to share on social media? Are they branded with your logo?

Recommended Audit Tips

  1. Review your accounts at least yearly and update your bio, contact information and links.
  2. See what others in your industry are doing on their social media accounts to be sure you are staying relevant.
  3. Ask your peers to review your accounts and suggest ways to improve your online presence.

To help you audit your own accounts, you can download these free worksheets. Use them as a checklist of things you want to update on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. If you’d like assistance auditing your account, we offer a detailed audit & consultation package. We can also implement strategies for you. Learn more about our marketing strategies here.

When is the last time you took an audit of your social media accounts?

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