Social Media Book Launch Support—Starting at $1,000

book launchWhen you’re ready to launch that new book, Ausoma can provide all the social media support your book launch needs.

A book launch specialist will guide you from the first day of planning to a launch day blast: increased activity on all your social media accounts, and special posts on Ausoma’s as well.[1]

Download our Checklist to Get Ready for Your Book Launch.

If you don’t have a professional presence on one of these platforms we’ll create them for you, including the necessary header image (this includes Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.) We create branded images so people can also share those and book promotion tweets your audience can share.

Your social media messages will be pulled from your book and your existing marketing materials. You’ll always have the last word on the messages we share.

We’ll need a digital copy of your book, your photo, a high resolution digital version of your book cover, your bio, copies of all your existing marketing collateral, and besides those things you already have, our brief intake questionnaire.

“To my social media expert, Sue Canfield, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your stellar efforts to bring the news of my first book to the world through social media. You and your team are exceptional and visionary, and I cannot imagine the past several months preparing for this book launch without you on board.”—Deborah Olson

Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll set up a time to discuss your Book Launch Program! this 30-minute recording Sue discusses social media strategies for your book launch, including

  • how far in advance to plan your book launch
  • specific strategies leading up to your book launch
  • book launch day strategies
  • follow up strategies after your book launch
  • and more

Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll set up a time to discuss your Book Launch Program!


30 Days $750
60 Days $1,450
90 Days $2,000

Included Services

Facebook Daily post [2]
LinkedIn Daily post [2]
PhotoMemes Create 8 the 1st month and 4 per month thereafter
Instagram Add all created PhotoMemes

Launch Day Blast

Facebook 3 posts
LinkedIn 3 posts
Instagram 3 posts

Ausoma Launch Day Support blog post 1 day before launch
Facebook launch day post
LinkedIn launch day post
Instagram launch day post

Support & Consultation

Phone Consultation 30-minute phone consult each month
Email Support 24 hour response time during business hours

A Book Launch Specialist Makes a Difference

Don’t go it alone. Launching a book, your first or your fifth, is an enormous project. Let Ausoma take on the tedious repetitive work and manage your online presence and schedule during this important process. Use the contact form to tell us about your project and arrange a no-obligation consultation about how we can make your book launch easier and more fun.

Fill out our Contact Form and we’ll set up a time to discuss your Book Launch Program!

[1] If you need more than online support, we can refer you to just the right person. back

[2] Every day, 7 days a week back