Business Social Sites: Ghost Towns or Thriving Marketplaces – Guest Post by Susan Mayfield

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Today my good friend and fellow virtual assistant, Susan Mayfield, has shared a guest post with us.

Have you ever visited a business social site to find out it had not been updated in a couple of years? Ghost town business sites are those dry, dusty and deserted social pages that businesses start and then abandon. An active business site is like a thriving marketplace, one where people are interacting and business is happening.

A businesses social site is their online, electronic billboard and should be treated as the valuable business tool and asset that it can be. Like any other business tool, it is only good if you make use of it. Which category do your business social sites currently fall into: thriving city marketplace or ghost town, or somewhere in between?

5 Reasons for Active Social Sites:

  1. Potential clients and customers can find your business contact information
  2. Clients and customers can easily share your business with their friends and others
  3. Clients and customers can give reviews and tell others about a positive experience
  4. Communication of upcoming sales/events/specials offers and much more
  5. Worldwide Visibility and keeping your business in front of customers and potential customers

5 Reasons Leaving Social Sites Unmonitored can be Detrimental to your Business:

  1. People visiting them will wonder if you are still in business
  2. Outdated contact and business information on the site can mean lost business
  3. People can post negative, untrue or inappropriate things on the social sites
  4. Quick responses to questions is expected
  5. Your social sites can be hijacked and used to damage your business reputation

The younger generations, even the majority of those in their 50’s, are using social sites to find businesses and to check out what others are saying about that business before making any contact to purchase or use their services.

Is your business suffering from inactive or sporadic social site interaction and are your social sites more like ghost towns than thriving active city marketplaces? Keeping regular content on your social sites is one of the challenges of doing business today. One of the main reasons businesses stop using their sites is the time involved to keep a steady stream of information across multiple sites.

Times SquareThat is why many businesses use social media managers and virtual assistants to keep up with the fast pace of the ever changing landscape of social media and technology. They spend time weekly keeping up with the changes. Consult with a virtual assistant and social media manger to see how they can take that ghost town and turn it into a business asset today.

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