Can You Give More?

My virtual assistant business is growing by leaps and bounds and some of you have asked: what’s the secret? One thing I do is give more. What does that mean?

We often get wrapped up in the mentality that business is all about money; how to make more money by billing more hours. When we have this mindset, I’ve found that clients quickly become unhappy with our service. No, I’m not saying you should give away your time. After all, we are running a business and have to make a living.

However, if your focus is on the client and how you can do what’s best for them, you’ll find yourself giving more. I’ve several times given some hour of my time at no charge to thank a client for a referral or for some honest feedback from them.  Perhaps it only took five minutes to answer a quick question for them; so I throw that in at no extra charge. Or while I’m researching something else online, I come across some information I know a particular client needs and email a link to them.

With this mindset of giving my clients feel important and willingly refer my services to others. It works because my business has grown and I’m making a living. I don’t ever feel taken advantage of and my clients all know I do what’s best for their clients.

Can you give more?

What do you think?