Case Study: One Year on Social Media with George Troy

George Troy contacted me after he finished writing his book, The Five Laws of Retail. He said, “I want to build my social media presence and begin blogging. I am overwhelmed and need help.”

This past year George Troy’s followers on Twitter increased 1,234%, on Facebook 178%, on Instagram 242%, and on LinkedIn 237%!

How Did We Do It?

We put together a plan to make sure his blog was updated regularly, establish a solid social media presence, and expand his online network. Together we created goals and discussed and adjusted these monthly as needed. Within just a few months we saw substantial increase in his followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Here’s what George had to say:

Sue and her team have made invaluable daily contributions to my work. I worked in business for decades and  recently completed a book on the subject, The Five Laws of Retail. I quickly learned that building a social media platform to support the book was a full time job and needed a professional. We created targets  for each channel for each month, measure against them and ultimately met and exceeded each goal. I can’t imagine achieving my goals without her help and support.

George’s editor, Candace Johnson, assists him in updating his book proposal and makes sure we get updated book promotion information included. Candace recently wrote a guest post for us about what social media information publishers are looking for in a book proposal. “Publishers want to see that your audience is growing. You might have recently begun blogging and don’t yet have impressive numbers to report, so show them the rates of growth over a period of time.”

We’ve been working together with George for over a year now. He just updated his book proposal again and this time we included the percentage of increase for each network over the past year as noted above.

Case Study: George Troy
Example of image we created for us on George’s social media networks.

You Are a Business Owner, Not an Employee

Over the years we’ve had some great conversations with virtual assistants around the globe. The feedback we’ve received has helped us refine our message. One of our clear messages has been, “You are a business owner, not an employee.”

One of the virtual assistants we’ve connected with is Laura Putnam of  You’re the Best. It was very gratifying to receive this Facebook message from Laura a few days ago.

I want you to both know how much I appreciate all of the opportunities I had learning from you both when I started my business two years ago. I recently got involved in a collaborative business arrangement. The first week I heard two words that sent a red flag up, micromanage and nitpick from this person. As the relationship progressed I began to feel as though I was an employee…your words, you are a business owner, not an employee flew through my mind as he was criticizing me on the phone as though I was a member of his staff yesterday. Today I spoke up and terminated the collaboration, and feel awesome. You guys are the best, thank you…

If you’d like to learn more about how to run your business and not be micromanaged, read the Kindle version of The Commonsense Virtual Assistant – Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee. Then tell us about your success!

Success Story: Kathy Andrews, Live Transcriptionist!

Last August we held a workshop in Vancouver British Columbia where we met attendee, Kathy Andrews. Kathy had found our workshop online and registered since she wanted to start her virtual assistant business. We’ve kept in touch over the past year by email and calls. Today we received this email from Kathy:

Hi Sue & Joel,

Just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the encouragement you gave me last year when you were in Vancouver and the few months after when I was so unsure.

I have just landed my first “big” contract.  It is for a business coaching firm in San Jose.  We got together because of a LinkedIn VA discussion.  They were asking if it was possible for their meetings to be transcribed live.  All of the VAs that answered said, no, you had to record it first.  They said their meetings could not be recorded.  Then I came on and said it could be transcribed live.  I did a test run for them to show how it could work and we are now working together several times a week.

I never would have had the courage to go to these forums let alone say I could do it if it was not for the encouragement you had given to me.

Again, thanks, and enjoy your nomad life.

Kathy Andrews

Kathy told us the company was looking for 80% accuracy and she got 90% so they were very impressed! And as Joel told her, “Real-time transcription has to be nearly unique. In cases where there’s a need, you probably have NO competition!”

We’re glad to have been a part of helping Kathy succeed as a transcriptionist. Visit Kathy’s website at

Client Success Story: CORPTAX Solution Services

When Stacey first contacted me, she was unfamiliar with newsletters,  blogging, mass emails and social networking. Stacey needed to educate her prospects and clients about what she could provide as a corporate tax software expert. She wanted to give her prospects value and build her business.  And she needed someone to help her put processes in place so she could use her time more effectively.

I  set up a blog for Stacey, started her email campaign and created a newsletter template, and integrated social networking as an additional piece of marketing puzzle. In a short period of time, Stacey started blogging, contacting prospects via email and growing her business. She now has processes in place so she can easily and quickly use these tools to help grow her business. Read what Stacey herself has to say.

“As a corporate tax software expert, I knew nothing about Blogging, Newsletters, Professional Mass Emails or Social Networking. Thanks to Sue Canfield, you’d never know it! Sue and her team did an amazing job setting up my blog so that I had the highest opportunity to capture prospective client information and direct them to my company’s website! She also effortlessly put together a coordinating professional mass email system for me to promote my business. She gave me a fantastic education on using blogs, newsletters, professional emails and social networking to add value to my prospects and build my business at the same time!

“It is delightful to have Sue on my team, because as an entrepreneur herself, she always has her focus on building my business and getting a great return on my investment! Sue makes it so simple and easy for me so that I can focus on my business! When I began searching for a Professional Assistant, the one thing that was important to me was to find someone who could ADD VALUE to my business from an administrative perspective; not just “do my to–dos” for me–and I got MORE than that with Sue! She is the ultimate in professional assistants and her team is fantastic! If you are a professional who needs to “follow the profit” by spending your time on what really adds value to your business, then don’t hesitate for a second, hire Sue Canfield, or as we call her in our office, Sue Awesome!

“Working with Sue has saved me 15 hours a week in administrative tasks that I no longer have to do and 15 hours is worth $3,750 to me! Thanks Sue, for putting $3,750 dollars a WEEK back in my pocket!“–Stacey Martino, CFO Martino IT, Pennsylvania