Twitter’s New Rules and Why They Won’t Matter to You

Follow us. We know the way.
Follow us. We know the way.
The social media folks at Edgar wrote a super article about Twitter’s most recent changes to their terms of service (TOS.) Every time one of the big platforms changes the rules, folks freak.

We don’t.

Our service is based on good marketing principles, which are based on thinking like a human being, on generosity, on, believe it or not, kindness. And nobody’s TOS will ever ban those principles.

The New Rules and Our Solutions

Here are the two big changes at Twitter mentioned in the article, and why, despite their sweeping nature, they won’t matter round these parts.

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Best Times to Post on Social Media: Rules vs Principles vs Reality

There is no “best time to post” on any social media.

Any study that claims to reveal the perfect time to post on any social media platform is, instead, revealing the mathematical results of an algorithm they used to calculate certain (possibly beneficial) outcomes at one particular moment in time, for some general group of posters.

No one can possibly tell you when the bulk of your followers and potential followers will be ready to receive your message. There is no calculation to allow one post to be carefully planned to accomplish more than some other post.

Here’s what works: consistent persistent personal relevant content.

Always has. Always will. No trickery or algorithms needed.


An article by the social media management tool company Buffer makes the same point with more specifics.

Success & Failure: 2 Methods of Each

For the team at Chief Virtual Officer, our Business Manager, Joel D Canfield, has created some videos. This is one of them. All about Success & Failure. Enjoy!

When’s the Last Time You Said “Yes” But Did “No” ?

Meeting organizers know too well that if you get 40 “yes” RSVPs, you’ll get 12 attendees, maybe even less.

When did it become so acceptable to say yes, I’ll be there, and then not only fail to show, but to simply ignore the entire thing?

Yes, I’m a crusty old codger who believes that manners matter as a foundation of business. But I’ll bet even you young folks would prefer to get 13 yeses and 27 maybes than have those 27 people say something they don’t really mean.

Don’t use your RSVP as a way to reward the meeting organizer for having a good idea. Don’t use it to fill up your calendar so you look busy (nobody cares if you’re busy; they’re too busy to notice.) Don’t tell them what you hope to do, tell them what you intend to do.

Hold yourself accountable for keeping your word in even the little things. It’s the only way to be absolutely sure you’ll be keeping your word when the big things come along.

Besides, your prospects might be watching, and you know you want them to think you keep your word, right?

False Frontery

Baking bread this morning. I use paper towel to dry my hands when I wash them, so I’m not clogging up a dish towel (and subsequently the plumbing or someone’s laundry) with gooey glutinous flour. I use ’em for wiping up the counter between loaves, too. Especially if my hands are still covered with gooey dough.

The kitchen trash is under the sink; not my favorite arrangement but it’s not my house. Went to pull the cupboard door open to toss the paper towel, and there’s no handle. No knob. It’s one of those cupboards where you have to grab the edge of the door to pull it open. I hate them. Invariably at some point during every meal prep, I slip and bend a fingernail on the edge or get a door open just far enough to bang when it slips shut. I hate sharp loud noises.

Why don’t the cupboards have handles or knobs?

My years in construction and architecture tell me it’s either for looks or to save money, or both. Bad reasons to make something that works poorly.

We all worry about appearances. Do you ever find yourself doing what looks good; what makes you look good, instead of doing what’s right?

If doing the right thing is gonna make you look bad, that’s a serious problem. But I’ll bet that the embarrassment you think you’re going to feel or the bad press you think you’ll be facing from saving face is all in your head. Putting on a front is time and effort wasted. Your true fans want to know the real you, flaws and all.

You can’t get away with incompetence, but you’d never do that. What you can get away with is being human, flawed, imperfect. In fact, your fans would much rather you were flawed like them than for you to be superwoman, never letting the cracks show.

If knobs make the cabinet work better but they don’t look as good . . . well, you know what to do.