Are You an Employee or a Business Owner?

The Commonsense Virtual Assistant
The Commonsense Virtual Assistant

Sometimes new virtual assistants think of themselves as employees. But you are not! You work for yourself. You are a business owner!

Since you are a business owner, you need to understand what it takes to run a successful business. It takes more than just having the skills your clients expect you to have to help them in their businesses.

You need to now how your clients think and what they want. You also need to know what you want – what you expect from your business.

To help you succeed as a business owner and get out of the employee mindset, the book, The Commonsense Virtual Assistant – Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee, was written.  Here are what some readers have said:

“This book is a must read for anyone looking to get into the virtual assistant industry and it is a blueprint for success for those who are already in the industry. It guides you through a mindset shift that shows you how to operate as a highly successful online business.”Lucinda Cross, Life Coach, Vision Board facilitator, Business Mentor

“While this book is directed towards Virtual Assistants, business owners of all industries will find it very useful in their pursuit of the American Dream of owning their own business. It will help you understand and overcome the limitations you place on yourself, consciously and subconsciously, that stand in your way of becoming a confident, successful business owner. It helps you develop an understanding of how your customer thinks, why you think the way you do, how to best utilize resources, and put processes into place to help you become the successful entrepreneur that is in every one of us!” – Michelle Randolph, Gold Force Administrative Support

“This book is a great reference for anyone considering a career as a Virtual Assistant (VA). It is well-written and gives a roadmap of the entire VA process from how to think like a VA, the skills needed and even to to how to operate your VA business. I especially love the resource chapter.” – Sandy Plarske, Elite Administrative Services

To get your year started right, begin by reading this book. The Kindle version is available at Amazon for only $3.99.

Tips for Your Business Blog: How to Get Started, What to Write, How to Promote and much more!

tips for your business blogBlogging is just one piece of the puzzle in your social media marketing strategy. Yet it is the very foundation for your social media marketing. You use your blog as a starting place to post at Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and any other social media sites you use.

To help you create a blogging marketing strategy, I have created a special report that includes basic blogging information, resources and a questionnaire.

The topics covered include:

  • Getting started with the basics of blogging including why you should have a blog and what the benefits are of having a blog
  • Three keys to successful blogging
  • When to post, finding time to write, ideas on what to write
  • Promoting your blog via social networking sites
  • My personal recommendation on which blogging platform to use and how to get started affordably

You can download this free report now. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

CVO Source: New Forum Means New Look for the Blog

Yes, this is still the blog of Chief Virtual Officer; you’re not lost. In order to set up our new online learning environment, CVO Source, we’re changing the layout and look of the blog to match the Source. The blog becomes the free portion of the Source, always available to anyone interested in the business of being a virtual worker.

If you’re interested in even more, including audio, video, how-to articles, Q&A, and whatever else we can dream up together, sign up for CVO Source. For less than $5 a month, you’ll get more business knowledge than you can possibly absorb. You might want to read more about it, but if you’re ready right now, click the button below:

After payment you’ll be taken to the Source where you can create a username and password. Your account will be approved promptly, and you can get started learning!

Virtual Assistants Meetup

We live in a virtual world. As virtual assistants, for the most part, it is not necessary to leave our home office to do our work. Yet there are some cons to working solo in this environment. It can be lonely not to have the comaraderie we once had in an office setting. We no longer have the ready access to a fellow office mate to bounce ideas against and get instantaneous feedback on our work. Sure we can get that from other people online. But the connection is not quite the same.

Virtual assistants in many areas are creating meetup groups at They meet regularly with one another as a group at a local setting. Here they are able to exchange ideas, brainstorm, and get encouragement to help them in their businesses. Some have other people come in and speak on topics that are of interest to the group and can help them develop their businesses.

I belong to such a group that meets in Roseville, Caliornia each month. The Northern California Virtual Assistants Meetup Group usually meets the fourth Saturday of each month. We’ve had a business coach come in and speak to us; someone else came in and spoke about their time tracking software; another coach came in to speak on getting out of our comfort zone; another came in to discuss our motivation in selling our services; another is coming to discuss organization and productivity tips.

Perhaps you can find or create a similar group in your area so that you and other virtual assistants have a way to brainstorm ideas and grow your businesses. Let’s work together to grow the virtual assistant industry.

Writing Your Business Plan for 2010 to Increase Productivity

It’s time to start thinking about the New Year. Are you just starting out in business or have you been in business a while? Either way, each year you should consider writing a new business plan.

Your business plan does not need to be lengthy and complicated. It should include specific goals, strategies and actions you can implement on a daily basis. Having a written business plan with specific daily actions can increase your productivity and grow your business.