Communicate to Be Understood

Communicate in a way to be understoodEffective communication does not just mean that we have said things well. It means we are understood. Here are a few tips to help you communicate in a way that you are understood.

1. Think and plan first. Before you pick up the phone, start writing that letter, or create a social media message to post, understand clearly what you are trying to communicate. Use wording that will be easily understood. If possible, get feedback from a trusted associate before sending out an important message.

2. Be specific and concise. Don’t get too wordy. Make sure you use phrases that are easily understood.

3. Use stories or examples to help convey your message. This also helps people remember your message.

4. Check to make sure you are understood. Clarify and correct any misunderstandings as soon as possible.

What tips can you share about clear communication – particularly in reference to social media messages?

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