Creating an Effective LinkedIn Profile

profileYour social media marketing efforts should include LinkedIn. To make the most of LinkedIn, you want to create an effective profile. Here are 4 tips to creating a effective LinkedIn Profile:

  1. Your Photo: If you want people to find you, a photo is necessary. It shows you are a real person. If you don’t have a photo on your profile page, most people will not bother to connect with you. It should be a more professional looking photo. This is not the place for your company logo. Your logo can be used on a separate Company page.
  2. Your Name: Use your full name, not just your initials. Your company name will be used elsewhere in your profile and on your company page.
  3. Summary: This is a great place to put the information you want people to know about your right away. Be sure to use keywords so people can find you more readily when searching for those keywords.
  4. Contact Information: Be sure to include complete contact information so your prospects know how they can contact you.

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