Grab Your Reader’s Attention with Great Titles

grab your reader's attention with great titlesBefore anyone will read your blog post, you’ll need to grab your reader’s attention with great titles, or headlines. Try this process:

  1. Write out 10 different titles or headlines for your blog post.
  2. Pick the top three.
  3. Ask for feedback from at least three different people you trust.
  4. Choose the one that seems to grab their attention best. Try it.

Your readers are going to be searching for a solution to a problem. Make sure your title/headline provides a solution to their problem.

What process do you use to create great titles and headlines for your blog posts that grab your reader’s attention?

2 thoughts on “Grab Your Reader’s Attention with Great Titles

  1. I run my top title choices through two different software programs to see how they rank. My favs are’s Headline Analyzer and Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer.

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