I Don’t Hang Out On Twitter

I actually do hang out on Twitter. But not everyone does. A while back I wrote about determining which platform is the best one for you. I suggested setting up a profile on each one and then focusing on just one. So what do you do with the platforms you know you won’t be as active on or you won’t use at all? Why even have a profile if you’re not going to be active there?

People are going to look for you on all social media platforms. If someone is a big Twitter enthusiast, that’s where they are going to look for you. If you’re not there, they may not look for you elsewhere. So you want them to find you there and then from there go to where you are active online.

I came across the perfect example of someone who no longer actively uses Twitter but has designed her Twitter profile so that you can then find her easily where she is active – on Instagram and Facebook. What she does is make it clear that she is not active on Twitter but that you can find her on Instagram and Facebook. You can do this on any social network. Here’s her Twitter banner:

Mama Gena's Twitter banner

I love this! You can check out her Twitter page here. (Just remember she’s not active there). There are a couple other things I’d suggest you do if you aren’t a Twitter user.

  1. Include in your bio/description are links to where you can be found. Mama Gena hasn’t done this so I had to go dig but I did find her on Instagram and Facebook.
  2. Create a pinned tweet that stays pinned as the first tweet anyone will see that says the same thing. “I don’t hang out here but come say hi on Instagram or Facebook (or wherever you can be found” and include a link to where you’re active online.

You can do something very similar with your Facebook page if you want to have a Facebook presence but prefer not to be active there and instead are active on another social media platform.

What do you think?