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Brian K. Wright, local authorWe first connected with Brian K. Wright through a mutual acquaintance, Hal Elrod. Since 2011 we’ve worked with Brian in a variety of ways: initially doing some web work for him and later transcribing some of his radio show conversations which resulted in an ebook called Success Profiles. We now live about an hour away from Brian in the Phoenix Arizona area.

In April he released “Success Profiles: Conversations With High Achievers Including Jack Canfield, Tom Ziglar, Loraal Langemeier and More” published by Morgan James. His first book signing at a local Barnes & Noble takes place June 30, 2018. We plan to be there to support our Brian.

I asked Brian if he’d answer some questions and tell us the story about how he got his book published and into the local B&N.

How did you get your book published by Morgan James Publishing? Did you have an agent?

I found Morgan James Publishing through a friend who was considering doing a book with them but eventually backed out. He told me that Morgan James Publishing had a Facebook business page, so I messaged them about my book project.

They loved the idea and wanted to set up a phone call with me to discuss further. I did not need an agent for this since I found them and reached out. They explained that their role would be to format the book and design the book cover, then they would arrange for it to be available in bookstores everywhere including inside Barnes & Noble. They required a 6 month lead-in time to make it all happen, so by the release date, I knew the book would be available. In fact, I know they ordered copies in advance so that they would have copies in stock.

What process did you go through to schedule a book signing at B&N?

I visited several local B&N stores and introduced myself as a local author who had a book in their store. They were very glad to meet a local author, so I asked what it would take to do an in-store signing. I believe having the book in stock helped, and having pre-ordered copies in their warehouse helped. 

Success Profiles: Conversations With High Achievers Including Jack Canfield, Tom Ziglar, Loral Langemeier and MoreThey told me we could set up a day and time for at least a month away so they could order copies from their warehouse and have signs made to place inside the store. Some stores are perfectly willing to host an individual author for a couple of hours or more.  Other stores insist on having many authors in at once to save them time—it was more of an event for them and saved them a lot of time.

Join us Saturday, June 30, 2018 for Brian’s book signing in Mesa, Arizona at a local Barnes & Noble. Details on Facebook.

What’s next for you?

The next step is to get in front of larger audiences on stage, as well as host my first live event in a few months in Phoenix. I also help people write their own books so they can get their message into the world on a larger scale, whether through coaching or ghostwriting the books for them.

Learn more about Brian at his website.

Watch for an upcoming post with photos of Brian’s book signing and more information on how to have a successful book signing event.

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