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Sue L Canfield, Chief Social Media Officer & Marketing Consultant

Sue is a book launch specialist and has years of experience in social media book marketing, promotion and consultation for nonfiction authors. Since 2006 she has helped dozens of authors create and maintain their social media presence. She writes about using social media to help promote your book at her blog. You can connect with Sue on Twitter and Facebook. She’s also a published nonfiction author since 2009 and understands what it takes to market and promote a nonfiction book.

She is a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association and was the Association’s Special Projects Director & Social Media Manager for 10 years.

Sue is also a mother (two grown children and one at home) and homeschool teacher to Fiona. She enjoys reading, writing poetry, and Ireland. She lives in Queen Creek, Arizona with her husband, Joel.

A few events Sue has participated in:

Video: BLUHORN TV – 5 Minutes with Sue Canfield from Ausoma

Your Partner in Success Radio Show with Denise Griffitts

Uppercase Conference

Nonfiction Authors Association Weekly Teleseminar series with Stephanie Chandler

Joel D CanfieldJoel D Canfield, CBR [Curmudgeon in the Back Room]

Author of 20 books, 9 of them business guides, and a student of the psychology of marketing for over a decade, Joel guides business strategy and provides the core of Ausoma’s marketing message. His more than 30 years’ experience in web design and computer automation & efficiency allows Ausoma to make the best use of available technology, online and off.

His graphic design experience includes dozens of book covers, and a number of book trailers and other video projects.

After teaching Sue almost everything he knows about marketing and the web, Joel set her free to run the business the way she wanted to, knowing that was going to happen anyway. He is, though, the only person alive who can take a good picture of Sue, so there’s that.

Joel was also award the Clean Indie Reads Award in March 2016 for Outstanding Service to Independent Authors.

James AshmanJames Ashman, Researcher

Sue’s son, James, is a top-notch researcher, editor, proofreader, and content manager. Anything we need done, he can do. James is highly reliable and quick to respond to any need.

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