My Ideal Client is…

Do you know who your ideal client is? Below is a description of my ideal client.

Ruth Ellen Hill is 33 years old. Her husband is a fire fighter. They have two children, a boy age 6 and a girl age 3. Ruth took 2 years of community college and majored in accounting. She has 12 years experience as a receptionist, administrative assistant, and accounting clerk in small companies she’s worked in since graduating high school.

After her second child was born, Ruth decided to be a stay at home mom. Three years later her oldest child is in school full time and Ruth has decided she wants to work again, part-time and from home so that she’s still available to her 3 year old. Ruth wants to put her administrative skills to work, has researched the virtual assistant arena, and is setting up shop.

Ruth is not sure how to get started, where to find clients, what should be on her website or how to actually run a business. Her dad’s had his own construction business for years and she’s been doing some work for him such as bookkeeping, proposals and creating documents. He’s offered to help her get started and give her a small loan. Ruth is looking for a coach to help her build a solid foundation for her business.

I recently came in contact with a local virtual assistant who has agreed to let me use her profile photo here. She agrees that the description of my ideal client is pretty close to a description of herself. Lisa says, “I chose to become a VA because I wanted to put my skills to use and work from home to care for my girls!”

Lisa Jacobson

Now Lisa is not my client; at least not yet. And I don’t expect to find someone named Ruth Ellen Hill who is 33 years old and perfectly fits my ideal client description. However, by having a clear description of my ideal client and a photo to refer to, I can now create specific marketing messages for my ideal client. If I realize that my marketing messages wouldn’t appeal to my ideal client, I can refine them until they do.

Join us on May 4th to learn more about how to define your ideal client.

2 thoughts on “My Ideal Client is…

  1. Hi Sue,

    You are so right! It’s so important to know who your ideal client is. Once I figured out who my ideal client is- I’ve saved myself so much time and stress AND brought in more income! I’m so happy that you’ll be speaking on this subject!


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