Nonfiction Writers Conference 2017

2017 Nonfiction Writers Conference

The 7th annual Nonfiction Writers Conference returns May 3-5, 2017.

I’ve been working with Stephanie Chandler, Founder of the Nonfiction Writers Conference, since its beginning. The conference is always full of valuable information and resources for nonfiction authors. Since most of my clients are nonfiction authors, I highly recommend you attend. I always learn something new about handling social media for my nonfiction author clients as well.

This event is completely virtual; attendees participate via phone or Skype, with 15 speakers over three days. Speakers for NFWC 2017 include:

NY Times Bestselling Author – Surprise Keynote (we’re keeping it a mystery, but trust us, you’ll love this session!)

Brooke Warner – Self Publishing 101

Kathryn Miller Goldman – Intellectual Property and Other Legal Concerns for Writers

Jeff Kleinman – Land that Book Deal: A Literary Agent’s Perspective

Stacy Ennis – Finish that Book! Writing Routines, Goal-Setting and Planning Your Next Book

Corey Perlman – Creating Consumable Content for Social Media

Michael Port – Heroic Speaking: How to Give the Best Presentations of Your Life

Liz Bedor – Building Blocks of Content Strategy for Authors

Stephanie Barko – Book Publicity in the Digital Age

Richard Rieman – How to Produce Audio Books

Stephanie Chandler – The Profitable Influencer: Revenue Streams for Authors

Suzannah Baum – Public Speaking: How to Leave Your Audience Wanting More

Dave Chesson – Mastering Amazon Kindle Book Sales Strategies

Phil Frost – Advertising with Facebook and Google

Sue B. Zimmerman – Instagram for Authors

Pull up a seat on your couch and join us as 15 industry leaders cover how to publish, promote, and profit with nonfiction books! Details and Registration.   (This is an affiliate link)


“Thanks to the quality and variety of speakers, this is one of the most valuable conferences I’ve attended—online or off.” —Candace Johnson, freelance editor,

“The NFWC always delivers—tools, resources, and inspiration! It’s an incredible value. After the three-day conference, I feel energized and confident.” – Laura Hedgecock, author of “Memories of Me: A Complete Guide to Telling and Sharing the Stories of Your Life”

“This conference was GREAT! You provided tremendous value at an affordable cost. I couldn’t be more delighted. This was the information I needed, at this exact time in order to take my book to the next level. I’ve attended about a half-dozen $550 writing conferences in person–fortunately very close to my home so I could commute and save hotel costs. Hands down, yours was the best! Thank you.” – Rob Oberto

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