Refine Your Marketing Message

Everyone I’ve talked to recently says they need help refining their marketing message. They want prospects to pay attention and aren’t sure why they aren’t attracting their ideal client.

Your marketing messages should be clear and full of value. If all you do is say, ‘hire me’, your message is vague and does not offer your prospects any reason to find your services valuable.

Examine each marketing message your create and include these 4 items:

  1. Your ideal client should find your messages appealing
  2. Describe the challenge your prospects are facing
  3. Describe the solution you will provide
  4. Include a story of how you’ve helped someone else

Once your prospects can see that you are talking to them, understand their challenges, can provide a workable solution and can back it up with a story of how you’ve helped someone else, they are much more likely to pay attention and ask you how you can help them.

What do you think?