Nonfiction Authors AssociationWe highly recommend membership in the Nonfiction Authors Association. You’ll find tons of resources about writing, publishing, and promoting your book.

Every year the Nonfiction Author’s Association puts on a virtual writer’s conference, the Nonfiction Writer’s Conference. We love to support them. Here’s how you can support us as well: Sign up for the conference using this link and we get a commission. It doesn’t cost you a penny more.


How to Use Social Media

General Book Marketing

Build Book Buzz

  • Sandra Beckwith teaches How to Sell More Books with Social Media. Get started by signing up for her free report “Top 5 Free Book Promotion Resources”.
  • Joanna Penn shares resources to help you write, publish and market your book at The Creative Penn. Smart, funny, prolific. If you’re not following Joanna’s work, do so.
  • Tim Grahl’s Booklaunch has worked with top authors to launch books to #1 on the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. Clear, systematic, practical.
  • Jane Friedman helps authors and publishers make smart decisions in the digital age.
  • Chris Syme teaches authors how to sell more books with less marketing and build raving fans with content that engages and sells.

Book Cover Design

  • Nonfiction book cover design by Cathi Stevenson. She has created more than 2000 book covers for large, traditional publishing organizations, small presses and indie publishers. Her clients have been featured in / on numerous high-profile media sources including Oprah, 48-Hours, People Magazine and the Today show.

Book Promotion

  • Reedsy—The folks at Reedsy call themselves a full ecosystem for authors and publishing professionals. This is their curated list of free and paid book promotion services.
  • BookBub—Provides readers “handpicked deals on ebooks they’ll love.” Probably the best ROI for your advertising budget, in part because their selection criteria is stringent.

How to Get Your Writing Done

  • Overcoming Writer’s Resistance—Joel was studying, experiencing, and writing about the struggle to create even before Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art gave it a name: Resistance. At his website Someday Box he’s writing an in-depth series about what it is, why writers experience it, and most important, how to make that bully irrelevant and get your book written. He’s written 17 books himself and helped countless others get their book done.
  • Judy Cullins, Book Coach—For more than 30 years Judy has helped authors get books written. We each discovered Judy on our own and were delighted to discover we’d both connected with her in various places online.
  • Enhance your excellence as well as your reputation every day by using Word Trippers Tips.Barbara McNichols Wordtrippers


  • Editing—We have worked with Tom Bentley over at The Write Word to edit more books than we can count. As a writer himself Tom knows how to make your words shine without changing them into his words. He also has a wicked sense of humor which helps swallow the pill of being edited, medicine no author truly likes taking. High recommended. If he offers you a Manhattan, take it.
  • Book Formatting—Leigh Anne Aston of Aston Admin Services has done the formatting for nearly all Joel’s books and his clients’ books. She is fast, easy to work with, and still sets her prices too low.
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