Review After Your Interview

After your interview is a good time to do a review.

  • How did you do?
  • Where could you have improved?
  • Did you miss an opportunity? Why?
  • How can you avoid missing it in the next interview?

If you get a written transcript or audio recording of the interview, review it and ask a friend to review it. Take notes regarding what you did well, and where you’d like to improve. Review those notes before your next interview.

Remember that if you do this interview more than once, you may get a bit tired of your own voice. However, it’s all new to your audience. Be sure you sound engaged each time you do an interview.

The Series

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February: Are You Prepared for Your Interview?
March: What is Your Interview Message?
April: Practice Your Interview
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Your Interview Voice
July: Dos and Don’ts in an Interview
August: Best Practices When You Are Interviewed
September: Handling Negative Comments in an Interview
October: Wrapping Up Your Interview
November: Review After Your Interview
December: Enjoy Your Interview

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