Ausoma Manages Your Social Media and Gets Your Nonfiction Noticed

Successful nonfiction authors know their book marketing plan needs to include social media marketing.

There are so many platforms and ever-changing rules that you may not know where to start. That’s why you’re here. You’ve chosen to hire a professional social media marketing consultant.

We offer a variety of options to help you establish a solid foundation on social media, expand your author platform, connect with the right followers, and deepen your ties to existing connections. If you don’t see a package that fits your needs or budget, we are happy to create a custom package tailored to your specific requirements.


The first step to social media marketing is a plan. We can help you evaluate your plan, help define your target audience, create book launch timelines, and implement your branding across all platforms.

  1. You can begin your social media marketing plan by signing up for our newsletter and receiving our 12-page report with tips for Best Social Media Marketing Practices.
  2. Your next step is to schedule a complimentary 15-minute chat with Sue to discuss your specific needs.
  3. Complete your planning with our Peace of Mind Social Media Audit & Consultation.


Next, setting up your social media presence:

  1. Pro Setup—Includes a full audit of your social media presence, phone consultation, updates to your bios and descriptions on all your social media platforms, and new images for your accounts as needed. If you’ve already purchased our audit, the Pro Setup is available at a discount. Contact Sue to discuss if this is the right fit for you.

Social Media Book Marketing

This is where we work together to create posts, photo memes, and tweets to engage your audience. There’s more information in our FAQs and a detailed description of what’s included in each of our monthly service packages.

Social Media Book Launch Support

When you’re ready to launch your book, we can provide all the social media support you need.

Social Media Consultation

If you’d just like to ask questions about how best to utilize social media, you can book a Consultation to fit your budget.

Start Now!

Let us manage your social media marketing so you can use your time to do what you do best.

Take a leap and start with Ausoma’s Peace of Mind Social Media Audit & Consultation.

What Our Clients Say

I have owned my own coaching business for six years now. About 6 months ago, I published my first non-fiction book. I knew I had to strategize and improve my social media profile. Research indicated that I needed to have a strong presence on Twitter, but I did not want the hassle of learning to “tweet”.

So I hired Sue and she set me up on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I worked with her for six months. I continued blogging as usual and posting to my LinkedIn and Facebook. She made sure my blog went everywhere. And with daily social media postings on all five platforms, my content and presence were on the web daily.

When I decided to take over my social media, I already had 2000 twitter followers!What’s more, during the last month, Sue talked to me every week on the phone and taught me to manage my own social media in just 15 minutes a day. She helped me to seamlessly transition to managing my own social media without expending a great deal of time, which was my biggest concern in the first place.

If you want a strong presence on social media, but don’t know how, Sue is the person for you. – Cami McLaren, Owner McLaren Coaching, Author, Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, ABA, 2014

I have been using Sue Canfield’s social media services since the inception of my business in late 2012. Substantiated by monthly metrics, my social media numbers have grown phenomenally. And that’s important to any business owner, solopreneur or individual who wants an amazing web presence.

Her company built the entire infrastructure for me, so the multiple social media sites all “light up” when we push out content. I love writing, so I give them a ton of it-and they make it magically go everywhere.

Bottom line: this investment has the highest ROI of any of my numerous investments. It is built into my business expenses as breathing.” – Dana Manciagli, Author, Speaker, Coach