Book Publicity Media & PR Outreach Service

Here’s What’s Included

We will

  • Submit weekly to a total of 5 potential contacts: book bloggers, book reviewers, podcasters, online radio, online TV, online publications, local radio, local TV, and local publications.
  • Create a Press Release for your book launch and/or for a book related event.
  • Submit the Press Release to your local paper, an alumni publication, or other media.
  • Research appropriate speaking opportunities and submit to them.
  • Follow up on all media leads.
  • Prepare and share a report to track media leads and speaking opportunities.
  • Create a Media Room page for your website.

Your Task: Prepare

Prepare for speaking on podcasts, radio, and TV. Make a list of topics you speak on. Then write up three bullet points for each to address these questions:

  • What will your audience learn?
  • How will your audience benefit?
  • What problem do you solve?

Want more tips on getting ready for the interviews? Read our 12-part series Interview Tips for Nonfiction Authors.

Media Case Study

What kind of results can Ausoma get for you? Though we can’t guarantee results, here’s an example of what we accomplished in 2019 for our client, Deborah Olson, in one seven week period.

Ausoma contacted 67 media outlets and received 19 replies – that’s a 26% response rate!

We were able to get a 10% success rate getting our client booked from those 19 replies:

  • 1 podcast
  • 4 online radio interviews
  • 1 online TV appearance
  • 1 newspaper mention
THE AUTHOR SHOW – Linda Thompson August 19, 2019
Conversations LIVE – Cyrus Webb, Blog Talk Radio July 30, 2019
W4WN.comRadio Toni – Host Toni Lontis, Australia July 25, 2019
Donna Seebo Show – Internet Radio Show, Washington July 22, 2019
Independent Talk 1100 KFNX Radio interview April 26, 2019 with Carol Blonder
Heart Centered Women TV – Charlotte Howard November 7, 2019