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Working together well is about more than money. Listen as Joel interviews Sue about our ideal client, and whether or not you need to be ‘ideal’ to work with us. (Transcript below.)

Ausoma’s Ideal Client [7m 48s]


Read what some of our clients have to say about using our services to get their book noticed in social media channels:

The Meyer Partnership used Sue Canfield for our social media campaigns. Sue has been instrumental in our exponential growth, using data to drive our strategy and content.She is methodical, creative, efficient and easy to work with. She took our nascent campaign and helped us reach a broader audience, garner loads of followers and helped us distinguish ourselves in the world of social media. She’s done a stellar job for us. Brava, Sue!—Nicole Meyer, The Meyer Partnership

Sue and Ausoma do a terrific job with social media. She has a great process, understands business nuances, sets goals, follows up, researches, adjusts, communicates really well, and is an all around great social media person.She helped my small, innovative content business launch and sustain a strong social media campaign. Couldn’t have done this without her. Highly recommend!—Becca Braun, Braun Ink

Sue helped me launch my new book (52 Things We Wish Someone Had Told Us About Customer Analytics) on social media. She got me up and running on Facebook, Linked-in and Twitter, doing stuff I couldn’t do and some stuff that I was not aware of (Like FB author pages).High impact in getting the word out about my book.Mike Sherman

As an avid LinkedIn user and new author I thought I had my social media presence covered, until I met Sue.Sue helped me better reach my audience on LinkedIn and upgraded my presence on Twitter and Facebook. She helped me market my book through regular featured articles and by helping me to find and post content that really resonates with my readers. This is a lot of work across multiple platforms that I just couldn’t do by myself.

Sue doesn’t take over, you still need to provide the message and voice to your followers, but she amplifies your postings by reaching out to the right people and helping generate the right post. Sue is super organized and results driven, I guarantee that she is better at managing your social media presence than you are.Rich Turrin, Author

Rare is it that you encounter someone who so thoroughly understands your needs that they exceed your expectations from day one.Sue was recommended to me by my editor, whom I trust implicitly. It could not have come at a better time as I was, at best, floundering with my social media accounts in how to effectively handle and grow them. I felt an immediate connection with Sue having complete trust and in all honesty, relief to be able to turn over my accounts to her to manage.

I could not be more pleased with the handling of the postings across all my social media accounts. Her work has helped significantly in achieving my desired objectives of visibility and growth. Posts are created in such a way that it seems like she is inside my mind. I have particular branding requirements of how I want my marketing message to be conveyed. She heard me and absolutely nailed it! At times I even found myself reading and then suddenly realizing they were my own posts to my social media accounts.

Apart from being very easy to work with, I found working with Sue to be like an extension of myself or a close team member. She is always personable, gets me and is an absolute pleasure to deal with. It is without hesitation I recommend Sue and her services as they are of the highest quality, tailored to your specific needs and produce incredible results.Nate Battle, Author and Speaker

“I am indeed very grateful for your help and support on this journey!  It has been a whole new world for me and there is such a steep learning curve! I am very blessed to have you and your team on my team!!  It has helped me to not feel so overwhelmed and give me more time to work on the things I needed to get done for the book launch. Your expertise and skills have made all the difference for me, and for getting my name and book out there in the real world!!  So, I am very thankful and happy to acknowledge that in my book!” – Deborah Olson, Author

Josevie Jackson“I hired Sue and her Ausoma team to help boost my visibility as an author online through social media. In just eight months Sue was able to increase my Twitter followers by 228%, Facebook fans 44%, Instagram 20%, and LinkedIn connections 25%!” – Josevie Jackson, Author of Thrive and Be Somebody.

Dana Rubin“When I contacted Sue for help with scheduling posts to Twitter, I didn’t really understand the best ways to use the platform. Working with Sue has been an important part of my education. She is thorough, detail-oriented, generous with her knowledge, and delivers excellent customer service. I highly recommend her services.” – Dana Rubin, VizibilityLab.com

Stephanie Chandler“Sue is very qualified to manage your social media. She is extremely reliable, which is one of my favorite things about her. If she says she is going to do something, I never have to give it another thought because I know it is handled. She is also well-organized and has a great attention for detail. She is also creative and will pay attention to the results you get from the social media activities, helping to adjust them as you learn what works best.” – Stephanie Chandler, Founder of The Nonfiction Authors Association

Sherri Sklar and Janine Buis“What we love about Sue is her focus on results. She worked with us to come up with a custom package that fit our needs and budget.  In the first 60 days she increased our Twitter following by 400% and our Facebook following by 300%! And when we needed to tweak our strategy, she was one step ahead of us, proactively identifying different ways she and her team could add value. That is the kind of partner worth its weight in gold! We know once we ask Sue to take care of something, it will be taken care of in a timely manner and without us giving it another thought.” – Sherri Sklar and Janine Buis, GrowthTera

Tracy DeJarnett“Sue and her team have the discipline and talent to help you develop a robust social media program and presence. I highly recommend Sue to help you take your social media program to another level, or if you’ve never started she can help you create from scratch!” – Tracy DeJarnett, Brandsoup

George Troy“Sue and her team have made invaluable daily contributions to my work. I worked in business for decades and recently completed a book on the subject, The Five Laws of Retail. I quickly learned that building a social media platform to support the book was a full time job and needed a professional. We created targets  for each channel for each month, measure against them and ultimately met and exceeded each goal. I can’t imagine achieving my goals without her help and support.” – George Troy

Ruth Stevens“Sue Canfield’s social media services have been a lifesaver for me. Sue is responsive, creative, well-organized, and very skilled at putting together messages that have impact. My Twitter followers have risen nearly 8-fold, as a result of her help. I recommend Sue highly.” – Ruth Stevens

Linda Joy Myers“I wanted to learn about social media marketing, but it was all so overwhelming I wasn’t sure what to ask or where to start. Sue offered me a comprehensive consultation to discuss the needs and strategies that would work for me. Sue’s follow-up report had so many good suggestions that I knew would help my business grow, so I hired her to help me. The consultation was thorough and had enough information that I could have created new social media habits myself, but I preferred that Sue take over the planning and posting for me. For several months, I have been enjoying the relief of knowing that my social media accounts are always current. I have also seen an increase in my website traffic. – Linda Joy Myers, Founder of National Association of Memoir Writers

Marsha Egan“Chief Virtual Officer is an excellent social media partner. We have been able to count on them to post regularly and effectively on our social media platforms, going above the expectation to add value by enhancing SEO, improving blog posts, and doing whatever is necessary to keep our brand alive online. Thank you Sue!” – Marsha Egan

Dana Manciagli“I have been using Sue Canfield’s social media services since the inception of my business in late 2012. Substantiated by monthly metrics, my social media numbers have grown phenomenally. And that’s important to any business owner, solopreneur or individual who wants an amazing web presence. Her company built the entire infrastructure for me, so the multiple social media sites all “light up” when we push out content. I love writing, so I give them a ton of it-and they make it magically go everywhere. Bottom line: this investment has the highest ROI of any of my numerous investments. It is built into my business expenses as breathing.” – Dana Manciagli, Author, Speaker, Coach

Cami McLarenI have owned my own coaching business for six years now. About 6 months ago, I published my first non-fiction book. I knew I had to strategize and improve my social media profile. Research indicated that I needed to have a strong presence on Twitter, but I did not want the hassle of learning to “tweet”. So I hired Sue and she set me up on Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. I worked with her for six months. I continued blogging as usual and posting to my LinkedIn and Facebook. She made sure my blog went everywhere. And with daily social media postings on all five platforms, my content and presence were on the web daily. When I decided to take over my social media, I already had 2000 twitter followers!

What’s more, during the last month, Sue talked to me every week on the phone and taught me to manage my own social media in just 15 minutes a day. She helped me to seamlessly transition to managing my own social media without expending a great deal of time, which was my biggest concern in the first place. If you want a strong presence on social media, but don’t know how, Sue is the person for you. – Cami McLaren, Owner McLaren Coaching, Author, Coaching for Attorneys: Improving Productivity and Achieving Balance, ABA, 2014

Rick Wong“Sue has been my social media partner for over a year and we’ve made great progress since day one. We’ve seen good results on all metrics but most importantly for me, is that Sue teaches me as she goes and with more knowledge I’m able to better utilize all the skills, experience and tools that Chief Virtual Officer makes available. Sue doesn’t just go through the motions, like some in this field, she motivates and educates as she goes. As an entrepreneur this is a great benefit.” – Rick Wong

“Ausoma is about professionalism, getting results, building a great relationship to understand their client’s needs and finding ways to continue to meet those needs and expected outcomes. Their purpose is to help their clients achieve measurable gain in public awareness through social media channels.

Ausoma is also about integrity—so when we didn’t utilize everything in our agreement, Sue surprised us by making up for it in other ways and we really appreciated that!”—Sherri Sklar, CEO, GrowthTera

Be Social—Get Noticed


Hi there. This is Joel D Canfield.

And this is Sue Canfield.

And we are Ausoma.

Author’s social media marketing.

Today I’m gonna be asking Sue some questions about our ideal client. We think it’s important for us to know, who do we really want to be working with? Who can we help the most? But also for you to know whether or not you are that client, or at least, how closely you match the profile. Because the truth is that some people aren’t a good match for our services, for our personalities, and it’s better for us all to know that before we try to work together. First of all, Sue, the things that people usually think about for target demographic and all of that: does it matter to you if the person that we work with is a certain age, a particular gender, lives in a particular country? How much do those things matter?

Not a whole lot. I have worked with men and women of all ages and with people in various countries even. I do find that the majority of my clients are women, probably anywhere from thirty-five to sixty-five. They’re women who have been in business, have written a book to supplement their business, and are looking for some assistance to get the book known and to get their business known.

Where in the process of writing their nonfiction book to support their business should they be? Where is it ideal, but what’s the range of where Ausoma can help?

Ideally of course if they haven’t yet finished their book I think it’s a great time to get started with social media marketing. I love to start really from scratch with a client who has no social media presence. However somebody can come to me at any point, even if they’ve written their book and it’s been out for a few years.

If someone already has an established social media presence but it’s a bit higgledy-piggledy, that all gets uncovered during either the audit or during the set up process if they signed on as a client.

That is correct. And if they do need it all to be revamped so that it has a consistent look and feel then yes that is part of what we do during the set up process. That’s why we charge a setup fee. It helps to cover that initial “Here, let’s get all of these new images created so that your Twitter banner, your LinkedIn banner, your Facebook page banner all look very similar.”

So the $697 Pro Package setup fee covers new header images and things like that for all their social media if they need it.

That’s correct. And any updates they need so that all of their platforms have consistent information and are completely up to date. I think all of this has made me think about who the ideal client is (because this is what this conversation is supposed to be about and I don’t feel like it’s necessarily targeted that very well because you and I are just sitting here talking and you’re going to edit out all this stuff.)

But not that!

The ideal client realizes when they come to me to help market them on their social media platforms that it’s not just about marketing their book. Because we don’t just market their book. We’re helping them to develop an online presence so that people can learn about them, their business, and their book. So it is not just coming to us so that we can help market their book. Their book supports their business or them as a brand.

We do talk almost exclusively about book marketing at Ausoma.

And I think that’s probably for our SEO because people do come to us for book marketing and then when I have the initial conversation with them I try to always make it clear that it’s not just about their book, it’s also about them and their business.

So if they come to us and just want book marketing but are open to being taught and led by a professional then you can teach them what we need to do and how we’re going to approach it. So if they come for book marketing they’ll really get business marketing and support and branding and guidance. And if they’re open to learning from a professional they’re the ideal client.

That makes sense. So somebody who comes to me understands or will understand that it’s not only about their book, it’s also about who they are and their business.

And as long as they recognize that you are not a hired hand, you are a professional consultant yourself, you can guide them to becoming the ideal climate.

True. And even with the book launch package, even when that’s more targeted to a book launch and you want your book launch messages to be going out over 30, 60. 90 days or more if you hire me for more, those messages are still going to provide value to your audience about who you are and what your business is. It’s still not going to be just “Here’s my booking here’s what it’s about” because people don’t want to know that. They don’t want to hear that over and over and over again. They do want to know that you can provide value, that you have a message to share that they want to hear.

So then a business professional who is beginning or in the middle of writing their book and recognizes that they don’t need to sell books, that the book is a way to help market them as a professional and their business and they want a professional marketing expert to guide them to use social media the right way, would you say that’s the ideal client for Ausoma?

That certainly sounds like it.

All righty then.

That’s who were looking for. And if you know that person, if you are that person, we’d love to talk to you. And if you’re not exactly that person but it sounds vaguely familiar we’d love to talk to you too. Go to Ausoma.com, use the contact form and give Sue a holler. You can talk to her about what we do and how we do it and how it might be a good fit for you. Can we do this again?


Okay. Good. I like talking to you.

Thank you.