Social Media Consultation

Get exactly what you want
Get exactly what you want
Sometimes your social media needs don’t fit neatly into a prepared package.

How about a one-on-one telephone consultation with a social media expert? Spend 15-60 minutes on the phone with Sue asking any questions you have about social media marketing and get answers customized to your specific needs.

Present your special challenges, whatever is holding you up, whatever you can’t figure out or haven’t found an answer for.

  15 minutes   $60

  30 minutes $100

  60 minutes $300 1


1 This is our full Peace of Mind Social Media Audit

After payment you will be taken to a calendar to make your appointment. The calendar uses 15-minute increments, but we’ll have your payment information and you’ll get all the time you’ve paid for.

Here are some questions consulting clients have asked:

  • What should I have on my website?
  • What should I blog about?
  • Where can I find images to use?
  • What kinds of social media goals should I set?
  • Do I need to be on all social media platforms?
  • What type of content should I post on social media?
  • How often should I post on social media?
  • What are some best practices for using social media?
  • How do I optimize my Amazon Author page?
  • Where can I submit my book for an award?
  • Where can I find places to speak about my book?

The sky’s the limit. If it’s about social media marketing, we’ll know the answer or we’ll find it.