Optimize Your Amazon Author Page


Do you have an Amazon Author Page? Is it optimized? Sometimes I see books on Amazon where the author hasn’t yet set up an Author Page or it doesn’t have complete information. This free page allows authors, whether your book is in print, Kindle, or both, to update content on your book page, update your bio and descriptions, and view your sales data and customer reviews of your book.

If you already have an Amazon account, you’ll use that same log in information to set up an Author page. Here’s where you’ll set up that page on Amazon: https://author.amazon.com/

Have these items ready to create or update your Amazon Author Page:

  • Headshot
  • Bio—fill out your bio with as much information as possible, including keywords

Include links to your website and social media accounts in your bio so readers know where to connect with you and contact you. Remember to add a link to your author page on your website.

A great advantage to having your author page set up on Amazon is that readers can now click the Follow button on your Author page. Once they do that, they will be notified whenever your book is on sale or when you publish a new book.

2023 Update

In the Reports and Marketing tab you can now:

  • see how many people follow you on Amazon. (After you’ve reached 20 followers.)
  • make book recommendations: let people know where they should start with your books and what other authors’ books you recommend.

Facebook Updates for Your Author, Book or Business Page

Facebook Updates for Your Author, Book or Business Page
Facebook Updates for Your Author, Book or Business Page

Though Facebook updates can be longer than a Twitter update, you still want to keep it brief. People like bite-sized chunks, not huge mouthfuls. If you have more to say, include a link to your blog post with more details.

Keep your updates positive. This is not the place to publicly air your grievances or get into a negative conversation with a reader or client. If someone posts to your page about an issue or problem, contact them privately using the ‘message’ feature and arrange to talk with them personally via email or phone. Remember, anything you post on Facebook is in public view. You can come back and publicly share the positive outcome of course!

Post daily at a minimum but not constantly. I’d recommend no more than about three posts per day – and spread those out over the day. Keeping active on your page means you’ll be more likely to get more “likes” on your posts, more comments, and more shares. If you’re posting every hour though, people may get annoyed at seeing so many of your posts in their feed and then ‘unlike’ your page.

To increase engagement, post questions that encourage conversation and interaction. Be sure to also like and comment on other business pages as your own page to increase our visibility and interaction.

Now go have fun!