Build Your Audience With Your Blog

Build your audience with your blogTo effectively build a strong audience for your blog, you need to clearly define the purpose of your blog. Who are you trying to reach? What message are you trying to convey? Your content needs to be of value to your audience. You may find it helpful to read other blogs with similar content to get ideas for yours.

Your audience will abandon you if you don’t blog regularly. Be consistent. I can tell you from personal experience that when I’ve slacked off and use the hit-or-miss method of blogging, my readership dwindles. When I post regularly, my audience grows. If possible, post at least weekly. It’s very helpful to create a reserve of blogs and schedule them ahead of time for times when you don’t have time to write. Some choose to spend a block of time monthly to create all their posts at once and then schedule them out over the month.

Your posts will catch your audience’s eye if they have good titles. For more information on how to create attention-grabbing titles, read this guest post by my friend Deb Lamb. Another way to grab attention is to include a photo or image.

Invite your audience to comment on your blog. Yes, this does mean you’ll need to moderate comments. Use a tool like Askismet to catch most spam comments and you won’t spend too much time moderating junk comments. Allowing comments allows a way for your audience to interact with you and each other.

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Managing and Promoting Your Blog Content

  • stock photoAre you writing at your blog regularly?
  • How do you promote your blog content?

It may be time to hire a Blog Content Manager and Promoter.  Whether your goal is to attract new clients or increase traffic to your blog, a Blog Content Manager can assist. Maybe you’re an author and want to build an audience for book sales; perhaps you want to generate more traffic and increase ad sales. Whatever your goal is, a Blog Content Manager can help make sure your blog is regularly updated and promoted on social media networks.

Here’s what one client has to say:

Sue has been managing my blog content for over a year and her services have added tremendous value to my business. I’ve worked with a lot of contractors over the years, and Sue is one of the best. I greatly appreciate that I can count on her to deliver on her promises, and she always meets deadlines. Sue’s efforts have also given me more time to focus on growing my business, and the consistent addition of content has helped drive a tremendous amount of traffic to my site ( I would not hesitate to recommend Sue for blog content management and promotion. She is a true professional who will make your life a lot easier and help bring traffic to your website. – Stephanie Chandler, Business Info Guide

Blog Content Management Services

One of my favorite tasks to perform as a virtual assistant is Blog Content Management Services. A favorite client of mine has me manage her blog content and recently wrote about the benefits. She writes all her own content but says “hiring a blog content manager was one of the best decisions I’ve made“.

A blog content manager can:

  • Help with round-ups (You ask a question and compile the responses into one long post—or a series of posts)
  • Schedule guest blog posts
  • Send emails to guest posters letting them know their post is live and asking them to promote it to their social networks
  • Promote blog posts on social media networks

This frees the blogger up to focus on what they love to do and “ensures that we consistently publish great content. A virtual assistant or an intern can make it all much easier in the long run!