Generate More Facebook Engagement

Generate more Facebook engagementWouldn’t you like to generate more Facebook engagement on your page? I’ve been listening to various social media experts recently and have gathered some information about how to do this. I’ll be implementing these tips for  myself and my clients.

The first thing you need to know is that 80% of Facebook views come from mobile devices. That means people are looking at your Facebook page from their phones and tablets. So check your page on your mobile devices and make sure your page is mobile friendly.

Next, Facebook has different ad types with different business objectives. Familiarize yourself with their Ads Guide so you can be sure to create an ad that will meet your specific objective. Should you create an ad to get more page likes? Experts, such as Dennis Yu, say no. To get better quality fans you are better off boosting a post instead of creating an ad.

In fact, I asked Dennis on a teleconference recently about ads versus boosting posts. Dennis says it’s better to boost posts if you want better engagement.

The first step would be to create a post worthy of being boosted. Your posts should contain content that delights and is entertaining, or content with interesting facts. Dennis suggests including links to what he calls “high authority” sites that mention you, your brand, business, or book.  Video is very popular. But don’t just post your YouTube video. Post your video directly to Facebook for the best results.

Once you’ve got an engaging post, now you want to boost it. You can do this for as little as $1 per day with good results. You can choose the audience you want to see this post and can include your fans, media contacts, and industry influencers.

So now off to try to get more Facebook engagement! Please share your tips or ask any questions in the comments section below!

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