Chief Virtual Officer Skype Meetup: Bring Your Greatest Business Challenge & Brainstorm with other Virtual Assistants

Joel and I want to reconnect with all the great virtual assistants who have shown interest in what we are doing with Chief Virtual Officer – training, coaching and mentoring new and aspiring virtual assistants.

We are now traveling virtual workers and are teaching others how to be successful virtual workers as well. You can read more about our travels at our Canfield of Dreams website.

As we’ve traveled, we’ve realized that connecting with virtual assistants in person is most effective in building trusting relationships. When we’re in your area, we hope we can meet you in person. We also realize that cost is always an issue. Therefore, we’ve made it possible for you to donate any amount you can afford.


Date: Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Time: 1:30 pm EST / 10:30 am PST

Call #: Via Skype: connect with ‘joeldcanfield’ on Skype. You can set up a Skype account for free.

Purpose of call: Bring your greatest business challenge and brainstorm. We will give specific ideas to help you overcome your challenge. We’ll also tell you what’s new with Chief Virtual Officer.

Joel and I are very excited to talk with you all and hear what’s going on in your business. Please feel free to invite any other virtual assistants you think would be interested in chatting for a bit.

Thank you all!

Register Here:

Brainstorming and Mind Splats

Joel and I attended one of our monthly networking meetings the other night and then continued with a brainstorming session with our good friend Kari Hagensmith. It had been a while since we’d been able to meet with Kari in person. So we had quite a bit to catch up on. Our networking meeting started at 6 pm and by the time we said goodbye to Kari it was after midnight!

We sure had a great brainstorming session. Kari uses the term ‘mind splats‘. To quote her, “There is nothing like brainstorming with people you trust to listen to your mind splats and help you form them into something coherent.” Kari takes a piece of paper and a pen and just starts jotting down all these words that come to mind and then we start piecing them together to form ideas for business names, tag lines and marketing messages. Each and every time we’ve done this with Kari we’ve all come out with great new ideas.

Pick a trusted friend or colleague and get together for your ‘mind splat‘ or brainstorming session.