Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer (a.k.a. Virtual Assistant) 3-Hour Workshop in Sacramento

Virtual assistants are busy helping their clients build and grow their businesses but don’t always put into place those same systems to grow their virtual assistant business. This 3-hour workshop is designed to help you grow your business. It’s not skills training but business coaching. Sue and Joel D Canfield share more than 50 years of experience working with small businesses. They love teaching others how they can have the deep satisfaction they get from their work and the life it allows them.

Special Note

This is an information packed workshop. We’re aware that you can’t possibly absorb it all in a single sitting. That’s why the cost of the workshop includes a 2-CD set containing 5 hours of audio and over 50 pages of reference materials and notes for you to review at your own pace as often as you like.


Marketing Your Services 101

  • Basic concepts of permission marketing; Dos and Dont’s

Defining Your Ideal Client

  • How to identify your target market, clearly define your ideal client, and questions to ask yourself to determine if a prospect is your ideal client

Networking Creates Word of Mouth Referrals

  • The importance of networking in person, how to effective network, role playing

Converting Prospects to Clients

  • How to prepare to interview a prospect, questions a prospect may ask and how you can answer them, questions you should ask your prospect, questions to determine if the prospect is your ideal client

Effectively Marketing With Your Newsletter

  • Various newsletter tools available and basic information about them, where to find content, what the reports mean and how you can use them

All attendees will receive these free reports:

  • Identifying Your Ideal Client and Target Market
  • Networking Creates Word of Mouth Referrals
  • Converting Prospects to Clients
  • Effectively Marketing With Your Newsletter
  • Bonus Tips: Grow Your Business as a Chief Virtual Officer
  • John Jantsch’s 17-page report 7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

Bonus #1: All attendees will receive access to the Members Only Forum at no additional charge!

Bonus #2: Every attendee will receive a copy of the 72-page workbook Building Blocks: Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer.

Cost: Early Bird Special (Register before noon June 30, 2010) $75

Regular Price (After Noon June 30, 2010) $100

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VA Interview: Julie Dillman – Executive Digital Assistant

I first met Julie on the VANetworking Forums. I replied to a request she made for feedback on her website and it wasn’t long before we were talking by Skype. Julie is a real go-getter and her enthusiasm is contagious! She is the first representative in Canada for Chief Virtual Officer.

Sue: When did you start your business?
Julie: February 2010

Sue: Why did you choose to become a Virtual Assistant?
Julie: I have wanted to work from home for about three years now, I enjoy doing computer and administrative related work and when I discovered that other people were making a living doing it from home I decided to try it too.

Sue: What advice would you give new and aspiring VAs?
Julie: Get as much information as you can about the business. Read forums and blogs and talk to the people who are already doing it. And most of all network both online and in person.

Sue: What resources have helped you in your business?
Julie: I read a lot online before I started. I spent at least three weeks reading everything I could find about being a VA.  I joined several online communities and met some fantastic people who gave me some great advice.

Sue: Would you mind telling us a little something about yourself?
Julie: I love music, animals and gardening. I also love anything to do with computers. I am very much a homebody and I’m glad to have found a career that will allow me to enjoy all these things.
Thank you Julie for sharing with us today. Julie’s contact information follows:

Julie Dillman, Executive Digital Assistant
Twitter @ExecDigAssist
Facebook Executive Digital Assistant
LinkedIn ExecDigAssist

Chief Virtual Officer Blog and Coaching for Virtual Assistants

At the Chief Virtual Officer blog you will find lots of information and resources for your virtual assistant business. We blog about what’s happening in the industry, how to communicate with clients, what it takes to run a successful business, marketing tips and much more.

In addition, we offer coaching to help virtual assistants succeed in business. Whether you are just researching what it takes, have just started your business or are an experienced virtual assistant, we have coaching programs tailored to your needs.

Visit our Coaching page to learn more about our individualized and group coaching programs.

We’ve also published a book for virtual assistants, The Commonsense Virtual Assistant – Becoming an Entrepreneur, Not an Employee, and an action guide, Building Blocks: Succeed as a Chief Virtual Officer. You can read more about them on our Books page.

So take some time to peruse our site and let us know how we can help you succeed in your virtual assistant business.

Group Coaching Preview Call for Virtual Assistants

Chief Virtual Officer’s Group Coaching Calls Program launches April 2010. Our first call is a free preview call to let you know what we are offering and will allow you an opportunity to get your questions answered so you can decide if this is the program for you.

Join us for this conference call on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 11:00 am PST. We have arranged our schedule for a 60-minute call to let you know what we intend to do and so you can ask all your questions. If we need to stay on the call for 90-minutes, we’ve left our schedule open to accommodate that so you get all your questions answered.

On this call you will learn:

  • The day and time we plan to have these calls
  • The topics that will be covered (The first topic will be: Marketing Your Services)
  • The benefits of participating in a group coaching call
  • How to get your questions answered even if you can’t make the live call

Register for the call.

We look forward to hearing from you!

How do you respond when asked – what is a virtual assistant?

The virtual assistant industry is rapidly growing. However, there are many people that still have never heard of the term and do not know what a virtual assistant does. One of the goals here at Chief Virtual Officer is to educate people about what a virtual assistant can do to assist them in their business.

There are several definitions I’ve come across and yet many still do not convey to the solo professional just what a virtual assistant is and how a VA can help them in their business. Part of that may be because there are such a wide variety of tasks that virtual assistants do and some VAs only do specific tasks.

I like to try to make it as simple as possible for a prospect to understand the term virtual assistant by using terms they are familiar with. Most business people are familiar with the terms administrative assistant, executive assistant, secretary, office manager. A virtual assistant can be one or all of those things from their own office. The business person does not need to provide office space, equipment, or benefits. A virtual assistant works as an independent contractor and pays their own taxes. If the business person only needs assistance a few hours each month, a virtual assistant can provide those services and the business owner doesn’t have to pay for a part-time employee.

So, how do you respond when asked – what is a virtual assistant? I’d love to read your replies. Help us educate the world about the virtual assistant industry.