Collaborate With Other Virtual Assistants and Add New Clients

collaborate with other virtual assistantsIn a previous post we talked about adding new clients to your roster and how it might be possible. One way is to collaborate with other virtual assistants. How can you collaborate with another virtual assistant and how does this help you add new clients?

You may not feel you can add a new client because your workload is already at its limit. But if you had someone to help you out with the workload, you could add another client. There are other virtual assistants who may not have a full workload and could handle some of the work for you. These “sub-contractors” are great to collaborate with, usually get paid a fair but affordable rate, and provide high quality work.

My good friend, Colleen Schultz, has been a subcontracting virtual assistant for years. She writes a lot about subcontracting, how to become a subcontractor, and how to find a subcontractor. Visit her website, Savvy Subcontracting, to find out more.

I’ve been in both positions – both as a subcontractor and as a VA in need of a collaborator. It’s always been a win-win situation. It allowed me at one time to have nearly three dozen clients at one time and that year my business grossed more than ever.

Have you ever subcontracted or been a subcontractor? I want to hear from you!


3 Quick “C” Tips for Success in Your Virtual Assistant Business

three quick tips for successAs we wrap up 2012 and look ahead to what’s ahead in 2013, now is a good time to review what you can do in next year to make it the most successful year yet in your virtual assistant business. Here are 3 Quick “C” Tips for success.

1. Consistency – Whatever you do in your business in 2013, be consistent. Create a marketing plan that shares your messages in a regular, consistent manner on a weekly basis. Clients will also appreciate knowing that they can depend on you to be consistent in always getting work done and reply to their inquiries in a timely manner.

2. Collaborate – Don’t be afraid to collaborate with your colleagues – particularly if a client asks you to do something you haven’t done before. Working with a fellow virtual assistant to provide the best possible service to your client is much better than trying to struggle to learn something you are unfamiliar with. If you need help finding a fellow virtual assistant to collaborate with, contact me at and I will help you find someone – at no charge.

3. Commit – Commit to doing your very best every time. Commit to learning all you can this year to make 2013 your best year ever – even if that means investing in a book, a coach, or additional training. Commit to providing the best possible service to every one of your clients.

These are just 3 Quick Tips for success in your virtual assistant business. For more tips, continue following our blog.