Are You Using These Social Media Tips?

A few random social media tips for you:

  • Note what some of your competitors are doing on social media. You will get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t and can then create strategies that are best for your audience.
  • Vary your posts on each social media platform. Don’t always post identical content to each. Each platform has limits on the number of characters you can post and the ideal image sizes are different. The audience varies as well and what appeals to an audience on Facebook may not appeal to the audience on LinkedIn.
  • Share your own photos and ‘behind-the-scenes’ posts. This is especially true on Instagram. Instagrammers want to know more about your life as an author. They want to see photos of your writing space, perhaps a book store you visited, your cat. Of course, you can post about your book too. Just remember that the audience here is more often interested in your life than your book.
  • Use video. People love video. You can create a more engaged community when you post video consistently. (This is one I still need to work on.)

Are you using any of these social media tips? I’d love to hear from you. What other tips can you share?

Success Story: Kathy Andrews, Live Transcriptionist!

Last August we held a workshop in Vancouver British Columbia where we met attendee, Kathy Andrews. Kathy had found our workshop online and registered since she wanted to start her virtual assistant business. We’ve kept in touch over the past year by email and calls. Today we received this email from Kathy:

Hi Sue & Joel,

Just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for the encouragement you gave me last year when you were in Vancouver and the few months after when I was so unsure.

I have just landed my first “big” contract.  It is for a business coaching firm in San Jose.  We got together because of a LinkedIn VA discussion.  They were asking if it was possible for their meetings to be transcribed live.  All of the VAs that answered said, no, you had to record it first.  They said their meetings could not be recorded.  Then I came on and said it could be transcribed live.  I did a test run for them to show how it could work and we are now working together several times a week.

I never would have had the courage to go to these forums let alone say I could do it if it was not for the encouragement you had given to me.

Again, thanks, and enjoy your nomad life.

Kathy Andrews

Kathy told us the company was looking for 80% accuracy and she got 90% so they were very impressed! And as Joel told her, “Real-time transcription has to be nearly unique. In cases where there’s a need, you probably have NO competition!”

We’re glad to have been a part of helping Kathy succeed as a transcriptionist. Visit Kathy’s website at