Social Media is for Connecting, Not Selling

Randy Ingermanson’s post today linked to this article by Darren Rowse (Social Media Examiner calls him “one of the world’s leading experts on blogging”) about Darren’s research into where he was selling books.

It wasn’t social media.

The article goes into a bit more detail, but our short answer at Ausoma is that social media isn’t for selling. Social media is for connecting, engaging, and bringing people, the right people, back to read your blog and sign up for your newsletter. That article explains why that’s so important, echoing what we say all the time.

Ausoma helps you to be social and get noticed—like the research says you should be doing.

Why Should You Blog?

Perhaps you haven’t started to blog yet for one of these reasons:

1. You have no idea what to write about
2. There’s no time to blog
3. No one will read it anyway
4. You don’t feel there’s any ROI (return on investment)

But there are very compelling reasons to blog:

1. Search engines like blogs and prospects will be able to find what you have to offer more easily
2. Blogs allow your prospects and clients a way to converse and interact with you instantly
3. A blog is an easy, affordable way to connect with prospects and provide valuable education

An important factor often neglected is to respond to reader comments. You want to converse with your readers and that means you must reply to their comments.

What are your thoughts?

Using LinkedIn to Connect

Connect with LinkedInWhen I created a profile on LinkedIn and started answering questions, it didn’t take long before someone read one of my answers, found it interesting, and wanted to connect with me. That’s how I met Mindy Krueger. Mindy and I connected on LinkedIn and enjoyed each other’s comments so much that we connected by phone and eventually by email and snail mail.

Mindy is a relationship building consultant and independent distributor of Send Out Cards. The connection we made initially through LinkedIn has been very valuable to us both. We’ve asked each other’s opinions on our businesses and received valuable feedback from each other.

When I have a new idea and want an honest opinion, I ask Mindy. She’s let me email her information about new aspects of my business and her comments have helped me fine tune what I’m doing. I’ve been able to mail her marketing materials and get her constructive feedback so I can improve what I do. She asked me about her business and what suggestions I had. So LinkedIn has proved valuable to me just in this one connection I made.

“I am pleased to see that you hold your business to such a high standard. You strike me as a person of high integrity and business sense. I can see that you genuinely appreciate your clients. By giving them an incentive for referrals, you are showing them that they are a valued member of your organization.”–Mindy Krueger, Relationship Building Consultant, Michigan

We can help you make valuable business connections on LinkedIn. Contact me for a consultation to learn more.