Meet Becca Braun, Ghostwriter for Business Professionals

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I’ve been managing social media for Becca’s company, Braun Ink, for over a year. Becca is easy to work with and has a growing collection of great tools for business learners.Becca Braun headshot

Tell us a little bit about your business.

The Braun Collection is a small, growing suite of True Business Adventure Tales, comic books, and conversation cards that intimately acquaint business enthusiasts with leaders across industries and geographies. Our action-packed tales and visual stories go deep fast to uncover the lives, backgrounds, obstacles, opportunities, and best and worst ideas of the decision-makers who have changed business.

For coaches and educators, our products include teaching tools such as teaching notes, presentations, short videos, and LIVE VIDEO VISITS with authors and subjects of the books and comic books. Readers of our books and comic books learn to synthesize and summarize key patterns of business executives, develop and support arguments on a variety of business topics, and show curiosity about the decisions made and not made by CEOs. In short, Braun Collection books, comic books, and conversation cards show decision-making as it is applied in practice by an executive across an organization throughout a career.

How would you describe your ideal client?

My ideal customer is a business enthusiast, business student, or business professional. Anyone who loves business adventures, reading books by and about CEOs, business comic books, case studies, conversation cards, and learning about the lives and decisions of executives and CEOs. People who really appreciate great writing and art. Our BizBio conversation cards are poetry and art combined.

How did things change for you in 2020 and how did you manage to weather through the year during the pandemic?

Not much changed in 2020. I did some video scripts instead of speeches. But my business model could adapt to an online world pretty easily. The main thing was the need to step back from business a fair amount, more than I anticipated, in order to help take care of my family. I have four teenagers and a few of them were struggling significantly with online school and the disruption to their worlds and schedules and social lives.

What is your favorite tip for using social media?

In my opinion, people shouldn’t post on social media just to post on social media. But, I think I am absolutely guilty, still, of doing that somewhat, so it’s a tip I probably should still listen to a bit more myself.

What are your goals for 2021?

I’m planning to do more honoring of my customers and clients in 2021 as I think that’s the best way to use social media. I’d also say high engagement with your audience is important, but again I don’t follow that advice very well, so . . . that’s something I should do more of in 2021.

Where can authors find you?

Braun Collection products for business enthusiasts can be found on Amazon. Business professors, students, and business professionals usually buy our products at . I also offer extensive custom ghostwriting services for CEOs and others, which if people want they can also get at





Becca is an innovator who combines business background with sharp analysis and driving creativity to achieve change and results for executives, entrepreneurs, and organizations. Becca has co-founded and led entrepreneurial companies, invested extensively in early stage technology companies, and worked at private equity funds. Early in her career, she worked as a management consultant and provided m&a advisory and shareholder value analysis services.

Becca is currently building the Braun Collection, a suite of True Business Adventure Tales, comic book case studies, and BizBio CEO conversation cards for a business enthusiast, business professional, and business student audience. As an avid writer who likes to support other entrepreneurs and executives, Becca has ghostwritten numerous executive memoirs and biographies, and storyboards; she has also ghostwritten hundreds of executive speeches. Further, she has been a blogger, served as a guest columnist for a leading newspaper, been a beat reporter for a daily newspaper, written award-winning academic works, served as writer and editor-in-chief of a travel guide, and published short fiction.