Using Evernote to Stay Organized

Virtual office professionals need to be well organized. One tool I use to help me stay organized wherever I’m at is Evernote. The free version is all I need and I can use it on my laptop, my tablet, and my phone. It syncs seamlessly between all my devices.

Evernote is a digital repository for information of all kinds. Some of the things you can do with Evernote are:

  • create to-do lists
  • take notes for a client
  • save web links you want to return to later
  • take photos of documents
  • make note of content ideas for your blog

I’ve found it very useful to create my shopping or errand lists and then have it with me on my phone or tablet. You can even create check box lists and check off each item as you purchase it or do the task.┬áThe notes you create can also be shared to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can send them via email as well.

The basic version, all I’ve needed is free. However, they do have a Premium version that’s only $5 month or $45 for the year. The premium version allows you to:

  • use it offline
  • share with others and allow them to edit
  • get 1 GB monthly upload storage in the cloud
  • password lock protect your files on your mobile device

evernote screenshotA very nice feature is that you can take photos inside of Evernote and save or share them. Now you can take a photo of a document instead of needing to find a scanner. You can also snap a photo of a business card and save all the information to Evernote instead of having a pile of business cards in your desk drawer.

On your desktop or laptop computer you can install a web extension for Evernote’s Webclipper. With the Webclipper you can even take a screenshot. The image you see here was taken with Evernote’s Webclipper screenshot tool.

Do you use Evernote? How has it help you stay organized?

Here’s a link to another article with more information about Evernote and other note-taking apps.