Worst Advice for Sending Emails

I’ve been asked more than once to help a client download all their contacts from LinkedIn and upload them to MailChimp to send them emails promoting the client’s business.

First, this is in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act. Each violation can result in fines up to $10,000.

Second, just because you’re connected on LinkedIn doesn’t give you the go-ahead to send them promotional emails. LinkedIn has a messaging tool that’s very effective to get in touch with connections. I’ve used LinkedIn to reach out to connections and set up ‘get-to-know-you’ chats so we can each learn more about the other. This is the beginning of building a relationship. It does not give me permission to add them to my email list.

Go ahead and download your LinkedIn contacts. Email people individually to get to know them. Do not email them just to sell to them.

LinkedIn is a great social media tool for professionals. As with any social media tool, it can be abused. Let’s remember to be social!

Time Management: Checking and Replying to Emails

Don't let your email choke you!Always running out of time? Perhaps it’s because you’re constantly checking and replying to emails. Don’t let your email choke you!

If managing your email is preventing you from having good time management, take control. Set specific times during the day that you check and respond to emails. You may pick two or three times a day; perhaps at 9 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm. Choose what works best for you.

Then let clients know you check and reply to emails at those specific times. You may even create an auto reply message indicating that you’ve received their message and will reply at the designated time. This way your clients know you did receive the message and will get back to them in a timely manner and they won’t be wondering why they didn’t hear from you right away.

You will find you are much more focused, less distracted, handling email in this manner. It also will lessen the feelings of guilt you may have at checking your email constantly when you should be working on a client project.

Please share your tips for managing email and any other time management tips you use!


Blog Content Management Services

One of my favorite tasks to perform as a virtual assistant is Blog Content Management Services. A favorite client of mine has me manage her blog content and recently wrote about the benefits. She writes all her own content but says “hiring a blog content manager was one of the best decisions I’ve made“.

A blog content manager can:

  • Help with round-ups (You ask a question and compile the responses into one long post—or a series of posts)
  • Schedule guest blog posts
  • Send emails to guest posters letting them know their post is live and asking them to promote it to their social networks
  • Promote blog posts on social media networks

This frees the blogger up to focus on what they love to do and “ensures that we consistently publish great content. A virtual assistant or an intern can make it all much easier in the long run!