Grow Your Nonfiction Author Business in August

A primary way to grow your nonfiction author business is speaking engagements.

Though you may start with unpaid speaking engagements (which should include selling your book at the back of the room) you want to become a paid speaker. You can learn about how to do that in the article Transitioning to Paid Speaking at the Nonfiction Authors Association website.

This month’s tip: Pitch yourself as a speaker for an event—either in person or for an online conference.

Tell us about your speaking engagements in the comments below. What do you have coming up? What have been your recent successes? What holds you back from speaking engagements?

The Series


Catch Up. Reset. Continue.

As you can tell from the 4 week silence, our travel interrupted our blogging. Work went on, clients were pleased, clients were acquired, all those aspects kept on rolling.

It’s tricky, isolating priorities and staying focused. Entrepreneurship is a juggling act; there’s not a single day where you get everything done. (Sue keeps saying “I have so much to do and I’ll never get it all done!” and I keep saying “Good; that’s how the bills get paid.” I am an expensive dependent so I need her to stay busy.)

Now that we’re home (okay, now that we’ve been home for 13 days) I’ll be making sure one of us posts something at least weekly (instead of posting weakly. Yes, I crack me up.)

Sue spent some time filling the pipeline with a pair of live events. Check ’em out: