Understanding Facebook Page Insights

Determining what to post on your Facebook business page and what’s the best time to post, you want to make the best use of the Insights provided by Facebook. So let’s go through some basics to understand this feature better.

  • Once you are logged in to your Facebook business page, you want to click on the Insights tab as shown below.

Facebook insights tab


  • Then click on the People tab.

Facebook page People tab

  • Then you’ll see these tabs: “Your Fans” and “People Reached”

Facebook fans and people reached

  • Under the “Your Fans” tab you’ll find the following information about the people who liked your page:
    • The percentage of women fans
    • The percentage of men fans
    • Where your fans are located by country and city
    • What languages your fans speak
  • Under the “People Reached” tab you will find information about the people your posts were served to: 
    • The percentage of women reached
    • The percentage of men reached
    • The percentage of “your fans” reached for both women and men
    • Countries and cities reached
    • Languages reached
  • You want to take note of this information so you can be sure your posts are relevant to those seeing them.
  • Next click on the “Posts” tab. Here you will find information about the days and times your fans are online and reading your posts. In the example below I see that in a recent 1-week period my fans were online more on Tuesday and at 5 pm.

Facebook posts days and times


  • Scroll down a bit farther on that page to see more data on your posts engagement. You’ll see how much organic reach your posts have as well as likes and comments. This information can be especially useful in seeing what topics your fans are most interested in and likely to share with their networks. This is also the place where you can ‘Boost’ your posts. This is a paid feature that some have found very useful.

Facebook posts engagement


It’s a good idea to check your Insights tab at least monthly to monitor activity and plan your strategy for your posts in months to come.

I’d love to hear any other tips you have about using Facebook’s Insights tab. Share your comments below!