Images a Growing Trend in Social Media Marketing

Images a growing trend in social media marketingAs social media networks like Slideshare and Pinterest grow, the use of images in social media marketing is a growing trend. We all know that old adage, “a picture’s worth a thousand words“.  Images can convey valuable information. A well-done graphic grabs a viewer’s attention quickly.

The words we use in our marketing will always be an important part of online marketing. However those words are more likely to be shared with others if they are found either on an image or in the description of an image.

Tips for Using Images in Social Media Marketing

  • Be sure to include an image in every blog post
  • When you upload images to your blog, be sure to include keywords in the title of the image, the description and the alt text
  • Use Pinterest and ‘pin’ all blog posts to Pinterest. When you do so, be sure to include a detailed description using your keywords
  • When posting to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter, be sure to use images in your updates

As you can see in this post, I’ve created an image that includes text on the image. This text is also used in the description, title, and alt text. I will pin it to Pinterest and use it in all my social media posts.

How will you use images in your social media marketing?

Tips for Using Google+

Google logoOne of the main social media networks is Google+. Google+ has 300 million monthly active users. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of using Google+ for your social media marketing and your virtual assistant business.

  • Use hashtags. They can be used the same way you use them in Twitter and will help your posts get found and notice. Google+ is now automatically adding a hashtag to many posts but you want to choose appropriate ones for your posts as well.
  • Format text in your posts. I just learned you can add an asterisk (*) before and after a word or phrase to make it bold. You can use an underscore (_) before and after a word or phrase to make it italic. And you can use a dash (-)  before and after a word or phrase to strike through text. In other words, *this* become this, and _this_ becomes this and -this- becomes this!
  • Create a great cover image. There is a lot of real estate available in the cover image area to promote you and your business. Don’t just use the default image. Create something visually appealing that tells visitors what you can do for them.
  • Use photos. Be sure to use photos in your posts. You can also add video and create  events. Photos catch people’s eyes and increase the chances of your post being noticed.
  • Add more connections. You want to grow your circle of influence by adding more connections. Go to People and search for people you may know. If you are a Gmail user, click on Gmail contacts. Suggestions will come up based on your Gmail contacts. Just click add and add these connections to the appropriate list.
  • Check out What’s hot. Click on What’s hot and you’ll be taken to a page showing you what the current popular posts and topics are. There will also be suggestions on Communities you may want to join and other people you may want to follow.

Do you have any tips to share on using Google+? Please share them here! You can also connect with me on Google+ here. 

10 Goals for Your Virtual Assistant Business in 2014

10 goals for 2014

It’s that time of year again. We’re winding down this year and about to begin 2014. What are your goals for your virtual assistant business in 2014?

My husband and I take two weeks off at the end of every year and shut down our businesses so we can focus on our businesses instead of working in them. We evaluate what worked and what didn’t work. Then we make a plan for the new year. I suggest you take some time in the next few weeks to sit down and write down ten goals for your virtual assistant business in 2014.

To get your creative juices flow with ideas for goals, here are 10 goals you might choose to have for your virtual assistant business in 2014:

  1. Add one new client each month of the year.
  2. Raise your rates by 10%.
  3. Offer an added-value feature for your existing clients.
  4. Commit to posting at your blog regularly.
  5. Start using Pinterest. If you already are using Pinterest, create a new board with tips for your clients.
  6. Add 5 new connections to each of your social media networks every week.
  7. Learn a new skill that you can offer to your clients.
  8. Join an online virtual assistant forum and interact weekly.
  9. Create a procedures manual for your repetitive tasks and ask another VA to review them. This will come in handy if you need to take some time off and hand your tasks off to someone else for a bit.
  10. Plan to take a week off at the end of 2014 to plan your business goals for 2015.

I’d love to hear what your goals will be in 2014. Please share them in the comments so other virtual assistants can get some ideas as well.

Don’t forget to share this post on Google+, pin it to Pinterest, or write a similar blog post.

Let’s make 2014 the best year yet!

VA Interview: Brigette Garland, Bridgeland Administration Services

Brigette GarlandWhen did you start your business?
January 2010

Why did you choose to become a Virtual Assistant?
I knew I was good at Administration, but not quite sure how I could still be involved and find a better work/life balance for myself and my family. I stumbled upon Virtual Assistant Forums on Google one night, and discovered the VA world. I haven’t looked back since.

What advice would you give new and aspiring VAs?
Research, research, research. Ask a lot of questions and take a lot of notes. There are many people out there in today’s world that we could learn from if only we opened our eyes and ears to them. Also, other VAs should not be viewed as competition; we can network and help each other.

What resources have helped you in your business?
Google is my best research friend, I love it! Subscribing to Forums has also been a big part of my resource library. I also use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to connect with people and ask questions and help answer any problems.

Share something about yourself.
I love to go camping with my family. There is nothing better than just turning off the computer for a weekend and packing the camping equipment.

Additional comments you’d like to share.
Becoming a VA has truly helped not only my self esteem but also my lifestyle. I love my job which in turns flows down to me personally being a lot more content. I get a kick from helping people with their businesses.

Brigette’s Contact Information:
Brigette Garland, Bridgeland Administration Services