VA Interview: Laura Putman – You’re The Best

I believe Laura and I first connected on Find Virtual – where you can find, hire and network with a Virtual Assistant. Laura continually looks for ways to improve her business and I’m glad to have found such a staunch supporter of the virtual assistant industry.
Laura Putnam
1. When did you start your business?
November 2009 was when I received my EIN, however, my website was just launched and published 4 weeks ago.

2. Why did you choose to become a Virtual Assistant?
I selected a virtual assistance business because I am super at what I do, and this is a way to focus on my strengths and the industry I choose to work with.

3. What advice would you give new and aspiring VAs?
Two suggestions.  First, do not go it alone.  Chief Virtual Officer has been instrumental in my business development and guidance.  Second, be a consummate professional, remember that just because you are virtual and using electronic communication does not change the way you should represent yourself.

4. What resources have helped you in your business?
Resources that I have used to guide me as a business owner: Chief Virtual Officer business coaching calls, books such as Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch, Power of Intention, Wayne Dyer, and a membership of International Association of Administrative Professionals.

5. Share a success story or something about yourself.
My success story: I am a very successful volunteer Project Leader for the Hands On, United Way volunteer group.  I have been involved for over three years.  This has been a pivotal force in my life.  First, because I meet a lot of great people.  Second, because I’ve grown as a person from being involved in projects where I am helping someone who needs it.  I feel as though volunteerism is character building, gives you internal strength and takes you outside of yourself.  I would strongly suggest that everyone give of themselves, it changes your life.

6. Additional comments you’d like to share.
Going from being an employee to a business owner takes strength, fortitude, support and encouragement.  Be strong, open, flexible and eager to learn, your motivation and willingness will make the difference between being a successful business owner and or having a business that may not make it.

Thank you Laura for sharing with us! Her contact information follows:
Laura Putman, You’re The Best, Inspired Creatrix
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