Maximize Your Social Media Power With Your Expertise

Maximize your social media power by sharing your expertiseNonfiction authors maximize their social media presence by focusing on sharing their expertise. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Be active on your blog and social media platforms. Write frequent posts that include tips from your book, newsworthy elements of your book, and compelling information. People love numerical posts, such as: top 10 tips, 5 ways to, etc.
  • Make meaningful connections and engage with potential readers and customers. Join LinkedIn groups related to your book’s topic and connect with group members. Join in discussions and comment based on your expertise. Give them a reason to be interested in you and your book.
  • Use your social media posts to give valuable information to people from your book. Readers are going to connect with you as a person. Your book provides you with credibility. Don’t just tell your audience how good your book is. Rather show this by presenting information that lets people know its value.
  • Not everything you share or write about on your blog needs to be directly related to your book. Share valuable content that interests people and they’ll want to learn more about you and your book.
  • Be sure any online bios include a link to your book.