My Writing Rituals

A songwriter friend, Charlie Cheney, asked about my habits and rituals. This is my quick unedited response to him. Later, a detailed wrap to the 6 tools to get you writing.

Here are the rituals I developed which allowed me to write 4,000 words a day quite often and as much as 10,000 words at least once, and how they’ve changed over time.

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Environment (#1 of 6 Tools to Get You Writing)

#1 of 6 tools to get you writing instead of whimpering in the fetal position on the closet floor.

The first, because it is largest, most evident, and the most mechanical (which means the easiest to think about and implement) is your environment.

The pervasive image of the starving artist huddled, shivering in their garret leads us, perhaps unconsciously, to believe that art is immune to environment, or even that art is created by pain and suffering.

Your rational brain knows that this is nonsense. The world’s leading expert on creative flow agrees:

“Even the most abstract mind is affected by the surroundings of the body. No one is immune to the impressions that impinge on the senses from the outside. Creative individuals may seem to disregard their environment and work happily in even the most dismal surroundings . . . in reality, the spatiotemporal context in which creative persons live has consequences that often go unnoticed. The right milieu is important in more ways than one.”—Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention, p. 126

A proper environment, as Csikszentmihalyi points out, adds enormously to our ability to create.

Here are a few things you should carefully inspect to ensure that they are the best you can arrange for your writing environment. Some will have a large effect. Some will have a small effect. But all will affect the comfort and ease of your creative abilities.

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Out of the Mouths of Babes

Since my husband and I have worked from home since our six-year old was two, she’s very familiar with running a business, having an office and marketing terms. So one day she takes a couple of small tables and sets up her office and desk in the play room. She’s got her business cards, play computer and more. She asks each member of the family to be her customers and come check things out. So we do. However, the next day she wants us to do it again and we’re busy and say it will be a bit later before we can come be her customers again.

When we don’t come back immediately she comes to me and asks what she should do to get more customers to come visit. She wonders if perhaps she should move the location! Here’s a six-year old realizing that she may need to do something differently in order to attract more customers.

What can you learn from the mouth of a babe? What can you do differently to attract more customers?

Doing What I Love and Business Social Networking

Doing what I love from my home officeI’m busy running my own business, doing what I love. Since I was a child, I wanted to be ‘the world’s best secretary’. Eventually I was and moved on to become an executive administrative assistant in a corporate office. Now I own and operate my own business as a Social Media Consultant. The variety of tasks I get to do and constantly new projects that come my way keep me busy and my mind sharp.

Business social networking seems to be the big thing right now and the way to market your business. Some of my clients have asked me to update their profiles on several business social networking sites. And of course I’ve been busy updating my own, such as on LinkedIn.

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