If Your Goal is to Sell Books . . .

. . . change it.

As a nonfiction author, your goal is to build your business using your book as an elegant, even extravagant, $5 business card to give to prospects.

Selling books is an outcome, if it happens at all.

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Seth Godin’s Keynote Address to the Nonfiction Writer’s Conference

The keynote address for the 2017 Nonfiction Writer’s Conference was a special presentation by permission marketing guru Seth Godin.

1,000 New Books a Day

His first point: there are 1,000 new books published every day. Every day. Two quotes you may find surprising:

“Your problem is not piracy. Your problem is obscurity. If everyone on the planet read your book for free, then what would happen? Would that be a bad thing or a good thing?”

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Get Caught Reading in May and Improve Your Business

May is the month to get caught reading. I love to read and am always looking for new and interesting books to read. I especially love to read business books and find ideas to improve my business.

Some of my favorite business books are Seth Godin’s. You can find some of his books at my bookstore.

So, what will you be caught reading in May? Please share some of your favorite books with us.