Taking 80/20 to the Next Level: Engagement Content

We’ve discussed that about 80% of your online posts and comments should be generous, giving useful and interesting information, with self-promotion only making up the other 20% or so.

Let’s take that to the next level: engagement content.

What is Engagement Content?

As nonfiction authors our impulse is to teach, to share practical and actionable content.

Guess what—the 80/20 principle can help here.

Yes, make 80% of your ‘giving’ posts usable tips, educational content.

The other 20%? Engagement content.

In other words, personal, friendly, sharing, about-you-but-not-self-centered content.

Your day at the beach. A great movie or band you saw or plan to see. A beautiful sunset. A kind act someone did for you.


Because your goal is to be social and get noticed.

Even at a business mixer or a client meeting, don’t you discuss Pat’s new puppy or Sawyer’s trip to wherever? Of course you do. We’re people, and we engage most with people we like.

Give your followers, not just something to learn, but something to like.

Math geek alert: this would make “engagement content” 20% of 80% or about 16% of your overall content. Don’t sweat the precision.

Doing What I Love and Business Social Networking

Doing what I love from my home officeI’m busy running my own business, doing what I love. Since I was a child, I wanted to be ‘the world’s best secretary’. Eventually I was and moved on to become an executive administrative assistant in a corporate office. Now I own and operate my own business as a Social Media Consultant. The variety of tasks I get to do and constantly new projects that come my way keep me busy and my mind sharp.

Business social networking seems to be the big thing right now and the way to market your business. Some of my clients have asked me to update their profiles on several business social networking sites. And of course I’ve been busy updating my own, such as on LinkedIn.

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