Grow Your Nonfiction Author Business in August

A primary way to grow your nonfiction author business is speaking engagements.

Though you may start with unpaid speaking engagements (which should include selling your book at the back of the room) you want to become a paid speaker. You can learn about how to do that in the article Transitioning to Paid Speaking at the Nonfiction Authors Association website.

This month’s tip: Pitch yourself as a speaker for an event—either in person or for an online conference.

Tell us about your speaking engagements in the comments below. What do you have coming up? What have been your recent successes? What holds you back from speaking engagements?

The Series


Dos and Don’ts in an Interview



Respond with just a word or two Use complete sentences
Use superfluous words like “um”, “you know”, “like” Pause briefly to gather your thoughts
Repeat yourself unnecessarily Prepare clear concise answers to questions
Answer a question you weren’t asked to promote yourself Listen carefully & answer questions you’re asked
Take over the interview Use the host’s name
Use technical terms Speak in a way that’s easy to understand

The Series

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