Client Success Story: CORPTAX Solution Services

When Stacey first contacted me, she was unfamiliar with newsletters,  blogging, mass emails and social networking. Stacey needed to educate her prospects and clients about what she could provide as a corporate tax software expert. She wanted to give her prospects value and build her business.  And she needed someone to help her put processes in place so she could use her time more effectively.

I  set up a blog for Stacey, started her email campaign and created a newsletter template, and integrated social networking as an additional piece of marketing puzzle. In a short period of time, Stacey started blogging, contacting prospects via email and growing her business. She now has processes in place so she can easily and quickly use these tools to help grow her business. Read what Stacey herself has to say.

“As a corporate tax software expert, I knew nothing about Blogging, Newsletters, Professional Mass Emails or Social Networking. Thanks to Sue Canfield, you’d never know it! Sue and her team did an amazing job setting up my blog so that I had the highest opportunity to capture prospective client information and direct them to my company’s website! She also effortlessly put together a coordinating professional mass email system for me to promote my business. She gave me a fantastic education on using blogs, newsletters, professional emails and social networking to add value to my prospects and build my business at the same time!

“It is delightful to have Sue on my team, because as an entrepreneur herself, she always has her focus on building my business and getting a great return on my investment! Sue makes it so simple and easy for me so that I can focus on my business! When I began searching for a Professional Assistant, the one thing that was important to me was to find someone who could ADD VALUE to my business from an administrative perspective; not just “do my to–dos” for me–and I got MORE than that with Sue! She is the ultimate in professional assistants and her team is fantastic! If you are a professional who needs to “follow the profit” by spending your time on what really adds value to your business, then don’t hesitate for a second, hire Sue Canfield, or as we call her in our office, Sue Awesome!

“Working with Sue has saved me 15 hours a week in administrative tasks that I no longer have to do and 15 hours is worth $3,750 to me! Thanks Sue, for putting $3,750 dollars a WEEK back in my pocket!“–Stacey Martino, CFO Martino IT, Pennsylvania

Eggs. Baskets. Chickens.

Just got word that a big project we’d invested a lot of effort into isn’t going to happen. In the past, I would have pinned a lot of hopes on that money coming in, and been in a panic when it didn’t.

These days I know better. No project is certain until the money’s in the till.

So many metaphors come to mind. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, f’rinstance. It’s easy to say, look, we’ve got eggs, therefore, we’ll have chickens. Or, look, we’ve got hot prospects, therefore we’ve got a project.

Speaking of eggs, don’t put ’em all in one basket. If you earn your living primarily from a single client, that client owns you. In reality, you’re en employee, not an entrepreneur. Have plenty of smaller eggs, not just one large one.

And more than one basket, if you can arrange it.

Twenty small streams of income is more stable than 2 large streams. Seems nothing is stable these days, so when you start juggling all those chickens and eggs and baskets, be prepared to lose a few.

If you’ve got spares, there’ll always be enough for that omelette.

Results of Small Daily Steps to Success

My first post this month announced my decision to post an entry every single day in April to see if it caused increased traffic to my blog. Today’s the last day of the month and I’ve posted every single day. The results?

There was a noticeable increase in traffic, more comments, an increase in my newsletter subscription and additional connections with virtual assistants on Twitter and Facebook. There was also a noticeable increase in the number of books I sold this month.

It was a success and not as difficult as I thought it would be. Though I don’t plan to continue writing every single day, I am committing to writing at least 2-3 posts weekly. It really helped me focus on getting things done in April.

Views on the weekend were minimal so I won’t concentrate on posting on weekends. I did notice that when I posted on days I was a guest speaker on a call, when I sent out my newsletter, Tweeted and mentioned on Facebook my posts, then traffic increased. I’m going to go back and note which pages got the most attention and what entries received the most traffic to help me focus my attention in the future to topics of interest.

What small daily steps to succeed are you going to take?

Small Daily Steps to Success

Sometimes we become so overwhelmed that we forget that it just takes small daily steps to succeed. The important thing is consistency and doing something every day. So it doesn’t have to be a huge thing.

One thing I’ve noticed in the last 60 days is the increased traffic at this blog. When I post regularly, traffic increases and so does interest in my business. So I’ve decided for the month of April to post a blog entry every single day. It may be a small post. But I am interested to see what kind of traffic I have this month after doing this.

What do you think? Will this result in increased traffic to my blog? Will it result in increased business this month? I’ll let you know!

What small daily steps to success will you take in April?

Share Your Marketing Recipe for Success

One of the business challenges many virtual assistants have is that of how to market their services. The first step is to have a game plan, or as I like to call it, a Marketing Recipe for Success.

A successful marketing plan includes specific daily activities. The hit and miss approach may work periodically. But if you want consistent results you need to be consistently marketing.

Take some time to write down your plan. Include a detailed description of your clients and prospects and what they need from your services. Write down specific actions you can take each day to put your message in front of your clients and prospects.

Your Marketing Recipe for Success may include spending time using Twitter and Facebook each day. Beware though not to get caught in the trap of visiting these sites and then getting caught up for hours without a specific plan. Set a timer and spend a specific amount of time proactively connecting with people and providing valuable information.

Please feel free to share your Marketing Recipe for Success.